27 April 2011

Sweet Potato Vine Growing Fast

The sweet potato vine I've started has outgrown the mason jar it was in:

It looks kind of alienish...

After pulling it out of the jar, the root system looked kind of like spider webs:

Hey look, there are signs of a leaf or 2!

New home:

We've had enough rain lately to float Noah's ark again. The question for the day is "when is enough rain enough?"

26 April 2011

Why Businesses Are in Trouble...

Yesterday, I had a medical appointment at one of the veterans clinics in Louisville. When I have an appointment, I usually stop at Aldi on my way home because they have a good price on milk:

There is another store I like to stop at because they have a good grocery selection and they always have good sales and mark-downs. Yesterday, I was looking at grated cheese and it was "marked down." I was thinking about picking up a package:

Then I looked at the regular price:

The regular price was 34 cents less than the sale price. If you enlarge the photo with the yellow sale tag, you will note that it says save 83 cents. No wonder why big businesses are in trouble--they can't do simple addition and subtraction with 2 digit numbers!

I'm sorry that the pictures are of inferior quality--I used my phone and was in a hurry. 

25 April 2011

Vikings Granny 'Ghan--100% Finished!

And here she is all sewn together, border done and ends woven in. I enjoy making the squares but there are certainly many, many ends to weave in and often this is the stage that a wip becomes an ufo with one of my crochet projects. This one made it to the finish with more than a month to spare! Here's a few pictures:

After I did the "big" shot, I wanted to get a shot of a portion of the edging:

The spread's color was too light and the border didn't show up very well. I pulled the spread back and placed the 'ghan on the bright and tacky colored sheets:

Color of the background certainly contrasts and clashes with the 'ghan but you can see the edging much better.

Thanks for stopping in.  Hugs to all....

Today's Plan...

Today's plan is to finish up the afghan I've been working on. As I mentioned in my previous post, the end is in sight! I've already started making squares for the next afghan that I'll be sending to Germany. I need to slip one or two small things in here so it's not so boring reading about the same project over and over.

I'm off to a doctor's appointment and then I'll be back home and hope to spend some time crocheting. I keep starting crochet projects and haven't had a chance to play around with my knifty knitter looms or butterfly looms. Perhaps I'll take one of them with me the end of next month when I go visiting my ol' high school friend in California. Always have to have a to-go project and the funny thing about deciding on a to-go project is that it takes longer to make that decision than deciding what clothes to pack! Y'all have a nice day....

Vikings' Afghan--Almost Finished!!!

Just a few ends to weave in and the granny square afghan in Minnesota Viking colors will be done. Whooo Hooo! I'm pleased with in and so are my Chi fur-babies; they both cuddled up in it when it was laying on the couch. I really need a picture of that... Picture of finished 'ghan coming soon. Hope everyone has a great week.

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (25 April 2011)

Here is a cute scarf that gives pizzazz to your winter outfits. I have almost finished making one of these but I "lost" it in my craft room! It is an easy pattern and I need to find mine and finish it. Enjoy...

22 April 2011

Vikings Granny 'Ghan Progress

All my squares are sewn together and I'm working on the edging. My edging will probably turn out to be wider than the norm because I have a nice supply of left over purple and gold yarn and I want to deplete my stash and not add to it. I'm really slow with my projects. Seems like some ladies are turning out afghans in a week or so and here I am, plodding along with mine. The old gray mare she ain't what she used to be... :-(  Anyway, here's a peek at what's going on with it so far:

Stay tuned for the completed 'ghan...

Y'all have a nice weekend.

20 April 2011

Spring 2011

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New Craft Light

I've wanted an Ott light for quite some time. Lots of folks swear by them. I did get a light, but not an Ott--too expensive for my budget. Here's what I got on sale for $7.50 regularly $19.97:

Light is adjustable--move it up or down, tilt or move side to side. Works great when dh is watching tv because it doesn't put too much light in the room but rather where I want it to go. This isn't where I'm keeping it, I just put it here so you wouldn't see the clutter on my side of the couch--lol!

Sweet "Tater" Vine Update (20 April '11)

Here's a picture of my sweet potato vine progress. Not a single leaf yet but lots of roots. Wonder how long before it looks like a green, leafy plant?

WIP Wednesday 20 April 2011

Here's an update on my current projects. I'm slooooooowly single crocheting the squares together on the Vikings granny 'ghan. When I join the squares this way, I arrange the squares on our spare bed in the layout I want them in then I sit on the side of the bed/ kneel beside the bed/ bend over the bed as I sc the rows in one direction together. After that stage is done, then I feel comfortable enough to gingerly carry the project into the family room so that I can finish it up as I sit in my favorite corner of the couch. It's a strain on the back but I'm concerned about getting the squares out of order or having some of them sewn in with the wrong side facing up.

The other project I'm working on is yet another granny 'ghan. This one I'm making the squares in 8 rounds (the Viking 'ghan has 12 rounds per square) and instead of making it 4 squares by 5 squares, I'm making it 7 squares by 5 squares. I don't have too many made yet but here's what I have:

For the black square with the flecks in it, I used a different square pattern and I modified it. Here's a closer look at it:

That's about all that's going on with my crochet projects. Oh, and the reason for the color choices in the 2nd afghan is that I pulled colors from my stash and did purchase a little yarn to finish it. That's my goal this year, dig from stash 1st and only buy to have enough to finish project. I don't want to but I really need to shrink my stash (sigh).

19 April 2011

GRRRRR...This Is Frustrating!

Has this ever happened to you? I'm crocheting granny squares and have to stop and splice in another piece of yarn because of a break in the yarn. The last couple rounds of the square I spliced the yarn at least 3 times....grrrrr. I love Caron yarns so I know this is a fluke but it's still frustrating. The picture shows the end of the skein and all the remaining defects after I finished my square.

18 April 2011

Afghan--Completion Coming Up!

The end is in sight for the granny square afghan in Minnesota Vikings colors. I have all the squares made and the ends woven in. I am going to crochet the squares together and then put a border on it and finally weave MORE ends in. I love making granny squares but all the little ends drive me CRAZY! That said, guess what I'm making now? Yep, you guessed it--granny squares! I have another afghan that I am making. This one is for a cousin of dh in Germany. She's been suffering from severe depression because of the death of her grandson a few years ago and it has gotten very bad and she has been hospitalized. I hope that by sending her an afghan, that she knows that by wrapping up in it she'll be receiving hugs and love from us. Anyway, back to the Vikings 'ghan, here's a picture of the squares laid out on our spare bed:

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (18 April 2011)

I've always wanted to do a graph ghan but in between what I have on the hook, what I've obligated myself to make and just being plain ol' chicken about it I haven't made one. Here is a cute pattern for one. It looks like it might be a tad bit small so either it could be used for a pillow, a square or add on to the ends and make larger. It would be very sweet for a baby. Hope everyone has a nice week...

15 April 2011

Free Vintage Crochet Pattern--Crocheted Jacket

The following pattern, including photo, is in the open-domain.

Crocheted Jacket

Crochet Jacket

One color or two may be used for making this pretty jacket, which is extremely modish, and very comfortable for the cool days and evenings sure to be experienced during summer outings. Six skeins of fourfold Germantown will be sufficient; or four skeins of one color for the body and two of white for the border, if made in two colors.

Make a chain of 54 stitches, turn.

1. Miss 3, a double in next, * chain 1, miss 1, 1 double in next; repeat from * across, making 26 doubles; turn.

2. Chain 2, a double under 1 chain, * chain 1, a double under next 1 chain; repeat across, turn.

Repeat 2d row until you have completed a strip 22 inches long, for the back, bringing the work to the shoulder.

Now work back and forth for one shoulder and front, repeating 2d row until you have made 9 doubles; turn, chain 2, and repeat until you have made 4 rows.

In the next row widen by making 2 doubles, 1 chain between, in center of row, finishing row as usual; widen in the center of every 8th row until you have 15 doubles in the row, then continue without widening until the front is of the same length as the back.

Leave 8 doubles for back of neck and on the remaining 9 doubles work the other front to correspond.

For the border: Commence (with the border-color, if two colors are used) at corner of left front, make a treble under 1 chain (chain 3 for 1st treble), * chain 1, a treble under next 1 chain; repeat from * all around, putting 2 trebles with 1 chain between in same stitch at corners, and on the shoulders at the neck to shape the collar.

Make another row in the same way, then work in seed-stitch as you did the body of the jacket (a double under 1 chain, chain 1) for 8 rows, widening the same stitches at corners each time.

Fold the garment at the shoulders, bringing fronts and back together. Commencing in 10th chain from bottom of front and back, work in the usual way for 25 stitches, a double under each chain. Work from underarm around the armscye until the sleeve is 12 inches in length, or as long as desired, then make the 2 rows of spaces, in treble crochet, as before and finish with 7 rows of seed-stitch, same as body of jacket.

For the picot edge: Two doubles in 2 stitches, chain 3 for a picot; repeat.

The stitch given is very simple and pretty, but any other fancy stitch may be used that is liked. Among others may be named Lancaster-stitch, made as follows: Having a chain of an even number of stitches, turn.

1. Miss 1st stitch, a double in each remaining stitch, turn.

2. Chain 3, wool over, draw a loop through 1st stitch, over, draw a loop through next stitch, over, draw a loop through same stitch, over, draw a loop through next stitch, over, draw through all the loops on needle, * chain 4, a double in 1st stitch of the chain just made, which closes or joins the cluster of loops, over, draw a loop through same stitch with last loop of preceding cluster, over, draw a loop through next stitch, over, draw a loop through same stitch, over, draw a loop through next stitch, over, draw through all the loops on needle, and repeat from *; turn.

3. A double in 1st space, double around the thread between 4 chain and cluster; repeat, ending with a double in top of 3 chain with which last row started. Repeat 2d and 3d rows for the pattern.

The bird's-eye-stitch is simple and pleasing: Having a chain of desired length, turn.

1. Miss 1, a double in each stitch of chain, turn.

2. A double in double, taking front loop of stitch in last row, a double in next double, taking back loop; repeat to end, and repeat 2d row.

Still another pretty stitch, easily adjusted to any garment, is as follows: Chain a number of stitches divisible by 3, turn.

1. Miss 1, a double in each remaining stitch of chain, turn.

2. Chain 1, a double in each double of last row, turn.

3. Chain 1, a double in each of 2 doubles, * wool over, insert hook in 3d stitch of 1st row, take up wool and draw through, (over, draw through 2 stitches) twice, miss 1, a double in each of next 2 doubles; repeat from * to end of row, turn.

4. Same as 2d row.

5. Chain 1, a double in each of 1st 2 doubles, * wool over and make a treble as before, inserting the hook under the treble of 3d row, miss 1, a double in each of 2 stitches; repeat from * to end, turn. Repeat 4th and 5th rows.

And another still: Make a chain of length required, turn.

1. Miss 3, a treble in next stitch, * miss 1, 2 trebles in next stitch, repeat to end of row, turn.

2. Chain 3, 2 trebles between each group of 2 trebles in last row; repeat. Repeat 2d row.

This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with
almost no restrictions whatsoever.  You may copy it, give it away or
re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License online at www.gutenberg.net

13 April 2011

WIP Wednesday 13 April 2011

There is less than an hour left to Wednesday and I'm finally remembering to get my WIP Wednesday post done.

I'm still working on my granny square afghan. I'm making 20 large granny squares. Sixteen of them will be 12 rounds each. The other 4 squares will be 4 small squares of 6 rounds each joined together to form a larger square. I need to make 2 more gold and 2  more purple squares. Tonight I was playing around trying to figure out how I'm going to place them. This is what I came up with:

The m is for the 4-in-1 multi-square, the p is purple and the g is gold. I have to figure out an edging yet. What I think I will do is treat the afghan as one granny square and do the granny thing around it for a few rounds and finish it off with a shell edging.

Here are what the squares look like except the purple looks like royal blue in this picture:

Maybe I'll have a finished afghan next Wednesday...

The Lilac that Started as a Twig...

When we moved here back in '02, my uncle gave us some small bits from the roots of lilac bushes. I planted them and only one took and grew into a beautiful little bush. It's in bloom now and I can smell the sweet scent when I walk close to it.

Playing Around with My Blog...

I've been playing around with my blog's design. I'm looking for a more "matching" photo to go in the header. So if you notice that my blog is a bit "tacky" looking--like polka dots and stripes--that's why. Have a great day y'all.

Monday's Free Crochet Pattern--Late :(

I'm so sorry, I thought I had a link scheduled to be posted this Monday but I didn't. :-(  So, I posted these videos to learn about different methods of joining granny squares. I learned something new here. When I've been joining my grannies with single crochets, I've been using only 2 loops to crochet in. Mikey uses all 4 loops when he shows how to do it. Since I've already started doing it with only using 2 loops, I'll save Mikey's technique until I make my next granny square project. I like using the sc method of joining squares. I think it gives more depth and detail to the project.

I hope you enjoy these videos. Mikey is quite the character and I enjoy his videos for learning new techniques and also a few laughs. Hugs to all...

12 April 2011

Hooking Along...

I'm going visiting in California the end of May. I feel like a jet-setter (is that word still used???) since this will be my 2nd trip this year. I have a friend in California that I've been friends with since high school and I'm making her a few things. I've already given her an afghan a couple years ago. My other friend is a new one and she sent me the ticket so I am making her a granny ghan in her favorite football team (Vikings) colors of gold and purple. Here's what I have done so far:

The big squares are 12 rounds and the smaller ones are 6 rounds and then I join 4 smaller ones and make them into squares they will be the same size as the big ones. I'm on my 2nd pound of the gold and 2nd of the purple. The white yarn is Red Heart Super-Saver (2nd skein in use) and both the gold and purple are Caron One Pounders.

I'll be adding a border when I get these joined and I'll see how big the ghan looks before I decide how wide I'll make the border. Every time I walk by this project, I pick it up and make 1 or 2 sets of stitches.

Guess you can tell where our swimming pool was last summer. :)

That's the status of my crocheting for now.

Y'all have a nice day...

11 April 2011

Spring Things...

I love spring--warmer weather, sunny skies and beautiful flowers. Here is a climbing rose bush that will replace one that didn't make it through the winter. We're going to plant it in the backyard.

And here is dh sweeping out the garage like a good husband. He's doing having done some construction work there. When he's the work is done, the garage will be insulated and have drywall on the ceiling and walls.

Here is one planter that I put some wave petunias in; I have 3 identical planters sitting on the edge of the porch.  I fell in love with the yellow petunias and grabbed them quick at WalMart because only a few were left. I'm looking forward to enjoying them when they're filled out and full of blooms. I hope we don't have another freeze.

Hoping everyone had a great weekend and that your week is nice too. Hugs... S

10 April 2011

Spring Is in the Air

Spring is in the air! Last night we slept with windows open and it was still very warm in our house. Today we are predicted to have record-breaking temperatures--86 degrees breaking the previous record of  82. Anyway, the darned dandelions are making an impressive appearance out in the lawn. I'm not too fond of them.

I do LOVE the wild violets that have made their appearance. I told dh that he can get rid of the dandelions but please leave the violets. Our violets come in 2 shades of purple--a delicate pale purple, almost white and a dark, vibrant color. Here's a look at them:

DH just mowed the lawn a few days ago but with the rain we've had the grass is looking a bit high.  I hope y'all are having a nice, relaxing Sunday and will have a great week. Hugs to all...

06 April 2011

WIP (Work in Progress) Wednesday 06 April '11

Currently, I have a few projects taking a siesta and I am working on some large granny squares for an afghan. These squares are 12 rounds and only 2 colors per square. The colors I am using are gold and purple with the last round in white. This afghan is going to a Minnesota Vikings fan, hence my choice of colors.

I think the mascot looks like Hulk Hogan.

Anyway, I'm not sure how I'm going to lay these out yet and I may make more than one size. I'll just have to see how it progresses and what my preference is as I merrily hook along.

Here's some info for stash builders. My son and I were at Michaels yesterday so I could get another pound of purple and gold for this project. I printed out a 40% off coupon for each of us to buy one. To my stash building delight, Michaels is having a sale on Sugar and Cream yarn for $1!  I was a bad girl and bought 29 of them.  Eeek, don't let dh know! :-)  Look at the new additions to my stash (BAD GIRL Sharon Marie):

I can see a lot of dishcloths in my future. I tried to stack the yarn in a pyramid shape but it kept falling over so I said the heck with it and took the picture. Anyway, before I started rambling on about football and yarn, I was planning to show some squares. I have 5 of the purple done and with 1 exception the ends are woven in and I have 1 gold square in the works. Here they are:

I normally link my Wednesday wip post to Everyday Crochet but the linky thingamabob isn't there today. Maybe it will be up later on today.

Nice sunny day here today and I hope y'all are having the same. Hugs...

Search Amazon.com for sugar and cream yarn

05 April 2011

Terrorism Hiding Under the Guise of Religion

Last year, I wrote a blog entry about the infamous Florida minister, Terry Jones. He had planned to burn the Quran (Koran is also accepted spelling) on 11 September and after President Obama asked Rev. Jones not to, he did not carry out his plan until 20 March 2011.

Here's the video of the burning. The entire video shows the flames consuming the Koran. No other real "action" takes place.

This "church" (I use this term loosely) has a hate provoking sign on their lawn that reads "Islam is of the devil." No, reverend, hatred is of the devil. If you visit the church's website, you will note that there are pleas for donations and there are actually items, containing hateful slogans, for sale! Something interesting to note is that the reverend has written a book and he is selling it on the church's website. Perhaps all his hateful, hurtful, cruel actions are a major publicity stunt to make money off of sales of his books and hate paraphernalia.

The following is a short video clip showing a united front of Christians, Muslims, and Jews peacefully protesting the sign on the church's lawn.

After watching these videos and reading some articles about this event, I wonder could Reverend Jones's actions be considered a hate crime or terrorism or both? Something to think about. 

Once again Reverend Jones, I'm praying that you learn what it is to be a Christian. 

I know this isn't my usual type of post.  I feel that we must be aware of what is going on in our world and when evil rears its ugly head we must let it be known that it is unacceptable.

04 April 2011

Crochet Projects Update:

My Topsy-Turvy doll is taking a break. I got to the point where I was making her arms and it is frustrating to crochet in a continuous round such a small number of stitches; I'm taking a hiatus.

I finished the hooded scarf I started some time ago. It is pretty and I love the yarn I used although it is a major pain to work with. Here's the finished item:

I started making some large purple granny squares--12 rounds. I'm making an afghan for one of my friends. Ssshhh, don't tell her. :) Here's the start of the squares:

I'll be switching back and forth between finishing the doll and this afghan. I have a time limit on the afghan.  Sometimes I quickly burn out. Blogging about a wip that has a strong potential to become a ufo gives me incentive to go back to the project and finish it. 

Good night all...

Search Amazon.com for crochet scarves patterns

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (04 April 2011)

Here's a pattern for a sweet afghan. Enjoy...

03 April 2011

Michael's Coupons

Michael's has several coupons available this week. You can go here and get yours.  Coupons good today until Saturday 09 April.  Have a fun-filled week and Happy Mothers Day to those of you celebrating today.