19 March 2013

Two on Tuesday (19 March 2013)

  • The gloominess and cold of winter is almost over! Spring pops up and the flowers bloom relieving the bleakness of winter.
First flowers to pop-up this year in our yard.

  • When I was younger, I used to say I didn't care about clothing brands. Now that I'm a ripe old 56, I get "tickled" when I find "designer" brands at deep discounts at Burkes Outlet and Rugged Warehouse. I also choose certain brands because not all brands fit alike especially in pants (for me anyway). Bandolino is the way to go for my jeans and I find them at Sam's Club's locations (not online) or the PX at Ft. Knox for a very reasonable price when they get marked down.
That's it for now. Take care everyone!