11 March 2011

Hooded Scarf--A WIP

This project was going to be a "To-Go" project but I can't remember why I changed my mind and took something else with me when I went on a trip recently. Anyway, this is going to be a hooded scarf when it is finished. I saw pictures of the pattern on ravelry.com and found the pattern here. The recommended yarn is Lion Brand Homespun but the Yarn Bee yarn, Riot Eyelash, that I used has a similar gauge. I'm a little bit superstitious about posting pictures of wips in case the wips become ufos :(. This is also a stash-buster project for me because the yarn came from my stash. I love this color and the yarn has a little pizazz to it. This may go in my gift drawer--I'm not quite sure yet. I'm starting to ramble on here so here's the pics:

The main part of the scarf is done. I need to make the hood portion. This pattern is a bit different from other hooded scarves I've seen. Most of the ones I've seen before you make a scarf and put a seam up a portion of the back to make the hood. This one has a hood made separately and then sewn on. Thanks for visiting--y'all come again...