10 March 2016

Work Progress on Bathroom and Bedroom

Lots of work has been happening on the master bedroom and bathroom. Finally, the bathroom vanity is out of the living room but 2 chests of drawers have moved in. Here's some pictures--

New drywall on walls in master bedroom

New door on closet and drywall and mudding on wall done.

Bathroom--all mudded and needs sanding:

Much more work was done by this afternoon:


A bit of miscalculation making the 1/2 wall and a bit of deconstruction took place when installing the vanity.

Vanity is being installed. This is a beautiful vanity that we were fortunate to get second hand. It is in primo condition!

And the spot for the commode. I really like the linoleum in here. It looks great, it's cheap and easy to care for in a vacation/snowbird home.

That's it for now. Things are shaping up and I hope to be able to share the finished project with you soon.