31 August 2010

Round Ripple Afghan Done--Just About...

Here it is!  Finished except for weaving in the ends.  In real life the main color is more of a mauve-ish.  It is a present for a friend of mine.  I hope she likes it.  I don't know if the color matches any of her stuff; if it doesn't then maybe she can just keep it on a shelf until she needs it to cuddle up with when watching TV or something like that.  I have several afghans that I've made that don't match anything but I just pull them out as needed.  I'm goofy about liking to work with different colors that don't necessarily match the decor--silly Sharon :). I used Aggie May's pattern (she's on crochetville.org).  She is very generous about sharing it with folks who pm her for it.  I LOVE this pattern! 

Time to weave in those ends and then finish the doll I started sometime ago.  After that, I have a hat I want to make--even have the pattern printed and the yarn assembled and all stored in a ziploc bag ready to go.

Have a great week everyone!

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