18 September 2009

Those Old Adjectives--Using Comparative or Superlative Form

Today is a busy posting day for me. Sometimes, I find myself questioning the way I use English grammar. An example of this is that I have 2 sons. I would refer to Son #1 as the oldest and #2 as the youngest. That isn't quite right. #1 is the older and #2 is the younger. Comparing two things requires the use of the comparative form of an adjective (such as older and younger). If I had 3 sons then I would us the -est suffix on the adjective to compare the #1 son to the #3-- this is the superlative form of the adjective. Clear as mud right??? Here is a video that may explain it to you a little better than I have. You may want to turn the music player off(it's in the other column) before you listen to this video. Hope you enjoy!

Man from My State of KY Wins on America's Got Talent

A Kentucky man, Kevin Skinner, won on the show America's Got Talent. Here is one of the performances done by him. Congratulations Kevin and best wishes to you and your family...

To play this, you may first want to go to the right-hand column and turn off the other music player. Hope you enjoy