14 October 2016

A Few More Items

Here are some projects I recently finished. They were all easy and quick to make. I used Caron Cake yarn to make the hat and scarf. I love the colors this yarn comes in but I'm just not too fond of the flimsiness of the yarn and the recommended hand washing of items made from it. Some crocheters have machine washed their items without problems but just be careful.


Hat made with Caron cake yarn :

Scarf to go with the hat. The pattern makes a short scarf that fastens together with a button. I made this scarf a longer length and omitted the button. Here it is:

I am working on a manly looking afghan and it's almost 1/2 way finished. It's coming along nicely and I hope to have pictures before too long. 

Wishing you all happiness and health...



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