21 January 2011

The Granddaughter of My Heart Models New Winter Set

This young lady became my great-granddaughter when my son married her nana. She was 4 then and now she's a special young lady of 12! When she came over today, I took the opportunity to snap a photo of her wearing the hat and scarf I made her for Christmas. I know you've seen a picture of it before but this time someone is wearing it! Here she is....

Oh, and when she comes to see grandma, we sometimes work on her blog

Nellie Braved the Cold to Greet Her Daddy

I couldn't resist sharing this photo of Nellie Belle and Ray with you. There are a couple more pictures of the chi kids, ready to greet Ray after work, on their blog.

Look--Ray brought in the mail too--An Annie's Attic Catalog!

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