29 January 2012

Heart Pillows

A friend asked me if I knew of a pattern for a heart-shaped pillow. I don't think I found the pattern she was interested in but I did find a few patterns that are very nice. A couple are for patterns that are for sale and the rest are freebies. I decided to post the listing here in case any of you are interested in them too. Here they are--



Monday's Link to a Free Crochet Pattern (30 January 2012)

This weeks's link to a free pattern is for an older pattern for a pretty dress for a toddler. I love to see little girls in dresses like this with patent leather Mary Janes. Hope you enjoy...

All Free Crochet Afghan Patterns is Having a Give-Away

You Have a Chance to Win This!!!

Go to All Free Crochet Afghan Patterns for your chance to win a copy of Crochet Gift List from Crochet Today! 

Remember, you can never have too many crochet patterns. Hope everyone has a great week. 

23 January 2012

Mondays Link for Free Pattern (23 January 2012)

With Valentine's Day coming up, here's a pattern to crochet a heart pillow for your special someone. For your info, pattern is in British terms so you'll need to make some adjustments. Hugs....

10 January 2012

I'm Taking Off Again...

A good friend has sent me a ticket to go visit her in California. I'll be leaving a little later today. I've been planning my crochet projects to go--dishcloths and slippers (a different pattern than my usual.)

I really don't care for living where we do so any chance I get for a get-away I'm game for. I'm pretty weird, because I'm agoraphobic (honestly, I've been diagnosed) but I can handle, and eagerly look forward to seeing old friends (old as in long-time not age.) The friend I am going to see has been my friend since high school!

I have a doggie sweater finished for my friend's furbaby--hope it fits! I'll get a picture when I visit them and post it when I get back. Postings will be pretty slim for the next 2 weeks so I'll try to remember to take lots of pictures to post. I'm pretty bad about taking pictures when I go visiting. When I was at my uncle's I managed to take pictures of all the projects he had done around his house and you got it, I forgot to get one of him!

I'm just rambling on here so I'll sign off. Hugs....

08 January 2012

Testing. I can txt from my phone to my blog so I am checking it out before I visit my friend in California on Tuesday. Hugs to all!

05 January 2012

I'm Boycotting Walgreens

I'm boycotting Walgreens because they no longer accept the military's health insurance (Tricare). I will miss them because I always enjoyed couponing at our local store after perusing the Sunday ads in our local newspaper. I'm encouraging participation in this boycott. With support of our military a high priority among many American's this is something we can do to benefit them. This boycott will hurt Walgreens  where it counts--their bank account!

04 January 2012

WIP Wednesday (03 Jan 2012)

Working on a sweater for my good friends' furbaby Oodie. I did some changes to my use of the yarn colors. A few ends to weave in, buttons to sew on and a pocket to attach then it will be done. I hope to finish it tonight unless something comes up.

Here's a list of what I completed in 2011:

1. Scarf (7)
2. Baby cocoon w/ hat
3. Earwarmer
4. Baby booties (3 pr)
5. Granny ripple afghan (1)
6. Dog shrug
7. Adult Slippers (13 pr)
8. Afghan out of squares (4)
9. Doily out of ww (3)
10. Hooded Scarf
11. Hat 2
12. Baby Blanket
13. Dishcloth (20)
14. Hat--little girl
15. Left-over granny ghan
16. Wave afghan (3)

Every year I think I have finished more that what I did. But as I look at the list, that's really quite a few projects although some are small like the dishcloths. I'm documenting this here so that I can go back and compare what I do year to year.

Did any of you save your yarn "snippings" from last year. I know that many of you said you were and I was wondering if anyone did and what your plans are for them. I have a small gift bag full.

If you click on the button below, you can see what some other people have been working on.

Take care!

01 January 2012

New Year and New Beginnings...

In my last post, I alluded to some things that I probably shouldn't have. My extended family has some "issues" that at times are overwhelming to me and I just about blurted some of them out in my last post and I'm sorry about that.

I had to put this picture here of Nellie Belle and dh. Nellie B. hates to have clothes on but I kind of made her wear her Santa suit on Christmas Eve.

I would like to post the project that I'm working on but since it is a gift to one of my blog readers I can't. That's you LJS lol! After I give it to her, then I'll post a picture. Anyway it's a sweater for her sweet little furbaby, Oodie and I hope to get a picture of Oodie wearing it.

That's about it. Think I'll make some more cookies.

Hugs to all and prayers that this year will be a better one for all of us.