27 July 2011

WIP Wednesday--Or What's Going on in Sharon's World

My crochet ADD has kicked in this past week and I'm working on 3 crochet projects. My polka dot 'ghan is being sewn together, very sloooowly but no pictures of it until it's done. I'm also working on a scrappy wave afghan:

I got a bit carried away with the width:

That's okay because it will be extra snuggable (is that a word????).

I had some granny squares in my stash that were included in a bag of yarn I got at either a thrift store or yard sale so I used them as the beginning of a lapghan. I think I'll just keep on going with this one until it's an afghan. The pastels are so pretty.

I'm also making some tomato sauce out of tomatoes from my garden. It smells so good! No pictures because I've already posted some pictures on my blog of tomato sauce and you may be getting tired of it.

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Hope everyone is having a productive and enjoyable week.

Stay cool!