15 November 2010

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Locating Historical Information About US Navy Ships:

USS Ajax AR-6

I was just being nosy and checked out a ship an old acquaintance of mine had been stationed on during Operation Eagle Pull and Operation Frequent Wind. Sometimes this old friend likes to make it sound like he was a Vietnam war hero but to tell you the truth, I have my doubts as to if he'd even left the ship since he was in engineering and they don't go cold iron (turn the ship "off") when there's a chance it might need to make a quick get away--at least that's the way it was with the old steam powered ships like this one. This means no liberty. This ship made a stop off the coast of Vietnam to help in the evacuations. Anyway, the ship's history is pretty well documented in Wikipedia. My old ship, the USS Ajax, is also listed in wikipedia so if you are interested in any other navy ships you may check there for any information.

We need to honor our vets and it is a shame that some vets exaggerate their experiences. No offense intended, after all, I'm a vet.

More information about US Navy ships can be found at:

More information on the evacuation in Vietnam:
Many ships have online webpages and shipmates organizations that you can visit for more information.

A Never Ending Crochet Project...

My son Justin asked me to make a cover for the large crate his 2 cocker spaniels sleep in. I've finished the basic panels--still have to crochet around them in black to "fit" them to the crate. I've used almost 3 pounds of black yarn so far! I'm crocheting with one strand of black and one strand of magic ball yarn. It's a big project and it burns me out sometimes but I WILL finish this, my granddogs are counting on me lol! Here's the panels so far:

Here's my son with his "kids" I am making the crate cover for:

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern 15 Nov. 2010

Walking into a local discount store is a big reminder that Christmas is coming up when I see all the decorations. It reminds me that it's time to get my hook moving and get ready for the big day! Here is a cute little Christmas stocking to crochet and then hang up for Santa to load with goodies for someone special. Hope y'all had a good weekend.