30 November 2008

Xmas Present for Son #2 Crocheted

My son told me that all he wanted for Christmas this year was for me to crochet him a red scarf. I made him one with black accents on it. I used this pattern with the fringe added to it. Adding fringe was a way to not have to weave in all those ends. The hat was from this pattern that can be purchased or may be free if you are a member of the the site. Hat's a little large and I hope it fits him ok. It took less than a full skein of the black yarn and less than a full skein of the red yarn to make both of these items. As you can see, my little boy Opi had to be in the middle of things. He's my little sweetie! Hugs to all...

Still More Slippers for Christmas...Oh Yeah, and Barney!

These are slippers made from the same pattern I've used many times before. I have tied each pair together that's why you see the little strings on the back of the slippers. I really need to calculate how many of these slippers I need and compare to how many I have. I tend to get carried away when I start making these. The black and pink pair on the bottom in the middle are child sized. The royal blue and black on the top middle are man-sized. All the rest of the slippers are for the ladies. Earlier this month I posted the link for the pattern for these if you happen to be interested.

As I sat at the dining room table crocheting, Barney climbed into one of the little chi's beds. She's a tad bit big for it but she stayed in it long enough to take a nap! What a character she is :)!