13 July 2011

WIP Wednesday (13 July 2011)

Didn't get a chance to take pictures but I wanted to get this posted before Wednesday was over. Today's WIP is a bit different. I'm canning green beans today. My garden is doing very well this year. We have a small garden but it is going to keep us in green beans for the next year. Of course, there are only 2 of us in the house so it's not too difficult canning enough to last the year. I'll be making pickles and tomato sauce a little later this summer. I need to figure out how to preserve my potatoes. I've heard that it is possible to keep them in a cool, dry place so maybe if that's the case I'll put them in the crawl space.

Still crocheting 2 afghans--one out of squares and one out of scraps. The scrap ghan (done in a ripple-e pattern) gives me a nice break from my "regular" project. I'll just be working on it when I get bored with the squares and that's a frequent occurrence lately. Oh, and the scrap 'ghan I ended up frogging and starting over again. I have learned that I shouldn't always try "winging" a pattern without looking at it. The ends of my rows were kinda squirrely-looking and that's why I frogged it.

Y'all have a great and productive week.  Hugs...