04 March 2017

Monochrome Throw

I have become engrossed with making throws, afghans and lapghans out of squares. There are many varieties of squares and colors of yarn that possibilities are endless. Here I made a throw in a single color and used solid grannies and traditional grannies. I think it turned out lovely and a more sophisticated look than multicolor squares would make. There is no pattern, I just fiddled around and came up with this. I used larger hooks than I usually use for the lapghans I make.

I used a little over 2 Caron One Pound skeins of off white. This yarn is nice and soft and after washing it was very soft. I did use the wash cycle for delicates and dried on medium heat. I used softener in the wash and also used dryer sheets that were probably not necessary.

I have a pile of slippers that I've recently made. I have a trip planned back to my old home state of Illinois to visit and I plan on taking everyone I visit a pair of slippers. I know that I will probably miscalculate but I hope that I err on the side of making too many instead of too few. I will be showing you these slippers another day.

Wishing a nice weekend for all of you. Take care...