24 October 2016

Cheery Lapghan

Another lapghan finished for donation to the veterans home when it finally opens. It is scheduled to open in December; at least a year late opening. Anyway, I made the squares quite some time ago and I recently found them. I decided to take a break working on an afghan, because 2 afghans in 2 months is a lot to work on. Still need to wash this and probably block it too. I was concerned with the brightness of the colors but with winter coming on us, it might be cheerful for someone with SAD. Enough of  my rambling on--here's the picture:


Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (24 October 2016)

Here's a pattern for some cozy crocheted boots. They look great and should keep your legs toasty warm. Might be good for someone who is prone to leg cramps in the cold weather that is on its way. Whoever they are for, I'm sure they will keep their legs and feet nice and warm.

Have fun!


Slippers for the family