23 October 2015

What 2 skeins of Yarn Makes

I almost forgot that I usually make my doctors at the VA something small for Christmas. Because I'm leaving the state in a few weeks I had to quickly revise my Christmas crochet list. I made slippers for them but had extra yarn left. If you've ever used the pattern I use to make slippers, you know you need 2 skeins because the slippers are double stranded. Here's a look out of what I made out of just 2 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver.

With 2 skeins of this:

I ended up with 2 pairs of slippers:

And a little bit of left-overs to use in granny squares:

My Christmas to-do crochet list is about finished. It has been modified quite a few times and I've "snuck" a few projects in between Christmas projects to put some variety in my hooking.

This is it for now. 

Best wishes to all...