13 April 2012

Mailed Giveaway Items Except...

I mailed the items for those of you who won the giveaway. I haven't been able to mail one because I still need Linda's address. So, if Linda is reading this, please send me your address so that I can put the men's slippers in the mail to you.

My Baby Models and WIP Update

I've been sleuthing around the 'Net looking at baby dolls that are approximately newborn size. I actually found a good deal on ebay and ordered one. Then I saw another and ended up winning the auctions for both of them! I really, really wanted one of those life-like dolls but them babies would have moved me into the poor house. I think I did ok with mine. One didn't have clothing so I temporarily put a doll dress on her him from one of the dolls I had here for my adopted g-granddaughter to play with. That doll I'm going to designate as the boy and the other will be the girl. Here they are:

The nameless twins

This will be the boy-twin. I really need to get their wardrobes together lol! I love his yawn.

Here's the girl twin. 

The project I started last night--frogged the darned thing. I don't know if there is errata available for this pattern but I could not come up with the correct number of shells. On Ravelry, one member had a link for errata but it just hooked up to Annie's Attic and when I typed in the pattern info, no information was available. Life is too short and I have too many items on my want-to-do list to stay frustrated with one pattern; so, after frogging, here is what I have:

Got to get busy and "find" my guest room. May be having company from out-of-state next week. Have a great weekend y'all!