30 March 2012

A Talented Little Girl

I received these videos in an email and I have to share them with you. This little girl was on the Britain's Got Talent show. At the time of the first video she was only 6 years old. Her name is Connie Talbot. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did with my watery eyes :-).

Here she sings I Will Always Love You:

More on Connie Talbot's Music

22 March 2012

Thief with a Gun at Our Walmart

My son works at our local Walmart. The other day, a man and a woman came into the store and tried to steal some television sets. When they tried to leave the store, security approached them and the man pulled a gun and my son was standing right there next to the crazy man. The crooks got away but there are photos of them from the store's surveillance cameras. I hope someone will recognize them and turn them in.

This is the female wanted in connection with this crime

 The get-away car--wannabe thieves Lincoln

Another view of the get-away car a Lincoln

My son in the vest. The "crook" is returning gun to back pocket, the female "crook" in pink and security in the front of her.

Here is the story from one of our local television stations. If anyone has any information on this, please call the Radcliff, KY police department at (270) 351- TIPS.

Thanks everyone!

Arigato from Japan

A friend emailed me this and while I watched it, I felt the tears start. It is a video giving thanks to all those who assisted the Japanese people when disaster struck there last year. Watch the touching video and you may well feel a few tears toll down your cheeks too.

Still need 26 more followers before the giveaway.

Hope everyone is enjoying some of the nice weather we're having. Have a great weekend y'all. Hugs...

20 March 2012

Playing Around with Pictures

Sometimes it is fun to play around with pictures. I made this collage at Muzy.  Note: The picture of me in a helmet was made up at another site for editing pictures and I'm not sure which site it is. Here's a few more pictures I did there:

I'm Late Again--Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (for 19 March 2012)


Here's a link to make a pimp hat for your cat!

Sorry I'm about 24 hours late with this. I've been pretty spacey lately.

Have a great week everyone!

19 March 2012

Update on Baby Blanket and Girly Baby Booties

Here's an update on the baby blanket I've slowly been working on. I have some more squares done that I'll be sewing on very soon:

During one of my many CADD (crochet attention deficit disorder) attacks, I made another pair of baby slippers out of the little ball of variegated yarn I found in my stash. This time, I used a small bit of pink to make a big flower for the front of each bootie. Check it out:

Only Need 27 more followers before I start up the giveaway of a free vintage pattern and a completed pair of slippers for man or woman!

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18 March 2012

Variegated Pastel Baby Booties

I've been looking around for a pattern to make baby booties that didn't require working in the round. I often end up doing something wrong and end up with some wonky looking object when I'm working in the round because I start my round in the wrong place, join in the wrong place or something else. Anyway, I had a small bit of this pretty yarn from who-knows-where and I thought it would make pretty booties. I had a mission to find a pattern and I decided to use this one minus the jingle bells. I liked it except for the back which is joined together with sc--the next time I will slip-stitch the back together. Now that I have figuratively talked your ear off, here's the pictures:

17 March 2012

Something Dangerous Going On...

I've been thinking! Yep, things get dangerous when I do that. I'm going to have a giveaway here when my blog hits 100 followers. I have some vintage patterns that I'll never use so I've been thinking about giving away one of them and a new pair of the slippers that I love to make--all for 1 lucky winner. So, y'all tell your friends to follow and when this blog hits 100 followers I'll tell you how we're going to do it.

Edited to add--You will have a choice of slippers for a man or woman.

Leftover Yarn Slippers

Just wanted to show you the slippers I made out of leftover yarns. Seems like I've worn out a few pair this past winter and I needed more so these will work out fine.

Have a nice weekend!

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16 March 2012

Curly-Q Scarf

I needed a quick project to boost my lagging crochet mojo. I made this scarf last night as I sat in my kitchen listening to my Kindle read a book to me.  I'll be back into the squares for the toddler 'ghan. I love that pattern now that I've figured it out. Seems like working with basic squares and different colors can result in unique afghans.  Anyway, here's the picture of the scarf I made:

14 March 2012

Pattern Has Error!

Darn pattern I'm using to make the toddler 'ghan has a couple errors in it! I'm matching up my stitches and sewing the pieces together and the darned stitches aren't matching up!

After making and joining the first 5 granny squares the pattern says to do 7 rounds but that doesn't work so I had to do 6. Supposedly this situation happens again after the 2nd set of grannies are sewn on. That's where I'm at now so I'll let you know later if I had the problem again. I wasn't going to give the link to the pattern until I was finished but I'll give the link anyway in case someone is making this and running into the same problems. Here's the link.

I can't really blame my slowness on the pattern alone--whenever I work with squares I get slow. Afghans made from squares are one of my favorites to have, just not to make. :)

Anyway, here's the progress I'm made--

I need to get some confidence in myself that when a pattern isn't working out that it might be the pattern and not me. If I can't do that then I need to google for problems before I start frogging the 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) time.

The colors are purple and gold for a young Minnesota Vikings fan.

Hope y'all are having some nice weather like we are (low 80s) and having a great week!

Hugs to all my family and friends....

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12 March 2012

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (12 March 2012)

Here is an interesting pattern for a shopping bag. It is so neat that the top of the bag tucks into the bottom of the bag all nice and neat then you can pop it in your purse and have it handy for shopping trips. Enjoy y'all!

08 March 2012

When it Grows up--

It'll be a shawl!

I almost always work on 2 projects at a time. The yarn I'm using is Carons Dazzleaire that I found at Dollar Tree so it was a real steal bargain.  Anyway this shawl I'm making is reminiscent of the shawls many of us wore back in the 70s. I don't have a pattern as such for this but rather some notes I copied and saved quite a few years ago (from a posting somewhere) from a lady who made similar shawls.

I'm still working on my squares for the toddler-sized blanket I'm making and it's my #1 priority right now.

07 March 2012

Well, It's My Birthday...

It's my birthday now that the clock has inched past midnight. I'm now (gasp, choke) 55 and that means I'm eligible for senior discounts at a few more places lol! Hubby gave me a choice for my birthday present--new 6 panel doors on the bathroom and linen closet or a Kindle Fire. I chose the doors because I have been waiting for them for more than a few years. Last year hubby decided he was going to retire and we would live off of his military retirement check so things have been tight and our little home improvement projects have slowed way down and so I decided that it was less selfish of me to have the money spent on the house and then it would be for something just for me. I have saved almost half of what I need for a Kindle Fire in gift cards anyway.

Back to my birthday stuff. I was the oldest granddaughter in my  mom's family and I was born on my grandma's birthday. Grandma was one special lady--very spiritual and full of love for her family. Here's an old picture of my grandmother, grandfather, my siblings and 4-eyed me on one of our joint birthdays.

Have a great day everyone!

06 March 2012

Slow Going...

I'm working on a toddler sized afghan. My inspiration was a baby blanket pattern that I'll be enlarging a bit. Squares, squares, squares--how I love thee but how I loathe sewing your ends in! Here's my status as of today:

I'm sewing the ends in as I go along; it makes it slow but in the end I won't be faced with a gazillion of them.

I'm not going to post the pattern until I'm finished because I want to keep "the big picture" a surprise until the end.

Take care everyone and have a great week!

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05 March 2012

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (05 March 2012)

Here's this week's link to a free crochet pattern. It is for a soap holder. Has anyone used one of these? What do you think about them? I haven't used one but I like the idea of making one and using up all the small scraps of soap.

Have a great day!

04 March 2012

Soft Yellow Baby Blanket

Last night I finished this sweet little baby blanket. I saw a picture of a similar baby blanket and I thought, "I don't even need a pattern to make one something like this." So I made my own version. Baby blankets seem to be my thing lately. I started another one last night and I think  I'm going to make it a little bit larger so that it will work through the toddler stage too.

Wishing everyone a blessed day...