26 October 2010

I Have an Idea for Our Politicians...

This being an election year, politicians are slamming each other left and right. One topic that has many of us interested is health care reform. There are allegations that some politicians are proposing a $2000 deductible for Medicare recipients and rumors abound that some medical procedures won't be available for elder folks. My solution--For an entire term in office, make our politicians live off of checks the size of an average social security check and see how well they make ends meet and pay for their health care and meds. Plus, for medical care, they will only be allowed to use the Medicare program. They can get a supplemental policy for Medicare IF they can afford it out of their social security checks. I don't believe it is ethical for folks who have at least 6 figures or more in their savings to play god with those who are less affluent. We're not talking about low-life people but rather people who have been productive individuals but are now having to chose between putting food on the table or paying to see a doctor and getting recommended care. What do you think, should our politicians personally test-drive the new program?

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