27 December 2010

On 27 December 1990, The 1st Female Commanding Officer of a U.S. Navy Ship Reports for Duty

Haven't posted much on my other love lately (history).  Here's a bit of history trivia for you:
 On 27 Dec 1990, the first female commanding officer of a U.S. Navy vessel, Lcdr Darlene Iskra reported for duty on board USS Opportune (ARS-41) at Naples, Italy, serving until 1993. After retiring in 2000 and completing a Ph.D seven years later, Darlene Iskra is now a professor and an author of numerous publications about Women in the Armed Forces.
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Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern 27 December 2010

Now that you are finished with your Christmas projects and have boxes FULL of yarn odds and ends what are your plans to do with it? How about slippers? Here's a great pair made from granny squares and making squares uses up leftovers as every crocheter knows. Is your hook in hand yet? Have a great week!

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