07 April 2012

Brotchens: Take 2

Second batch of brotchens turned out great! I modified the recipe so I wouldn't burn the house down  and had much better luck. This time I baked at 425 (instead of 450) and for 13 minutes (instead of 15-20). Look at how great they turned out this time.

Time to let the fire department know that we don't need them on standby anymore tonight.
See ya later...

Bread machine cook books

Almost Burned the House Down!

I tried a new recipe for brotchens. Brotchens are a German roll that is crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. I honestly followed the directions EXACTLY and then sat down outside on the patio and went in after they'd been baking at 450 for 15 minutes because that's what the recipe said to do. Smoke was BILLOWING out of the stove! Choke, gasp, turn on the exhaust vent, ceiling fans, and open all the windows and doors! Such a sorry sight I don't even know if the birds I tossed them out to will eat them.

I did have better luck with the deviled eggs I made--


And the Easter eggs I made using food coloring instead of the kit turned out pretty nice too. Check out at what I used for Easter grass lol!

I started making some more brotchens so check back with me to make sure I didn't burn the house down!

Wishing you all a blessed Easter.

ps I'll be making a posting tomorrow about who won the giveaway so stay tuned...