14 June 2012

Catching Up With Photo of the Day AGAIN!

What can I say, I'm a procrastinator and a forgetter. So here are the pictures for 2 days, 1 late and the other on time (believe it or not). Yesterday's topic was "Art." This piece of artwork was made by my baby boy who is now 32. I have carted this around from our military family days in Hawaii, to Oklahoma, to California, to Illinois and finally to hubby's retirement in Kentucky. I'm not the kind of mum who saves all her children's artwork just a few select pieces that really touch me in their childlike simplicity and in this case love.

Today's subject matter is "Time" and what says that more simply than a clock and this one gives you a little look at the weather too. Guess this picture is a bit boring but then I don't get out much because I'm a Hermit and yes, that capital H is on purpose. :-)

Hope Y'all are having a wonderful day. Hugs...