30 July 2010

Lotsa Fun on Vacation...

On July 14th, I went to California to visit some friends. The first stop was to visit a friend in Antioch. I hadn't seen this friend in person since we were in high school back in the 70s! The 2nd friend, has been a friend since 1980.  I met her when I was in the Navy. I only have a few true friends and it is great to have had them for such a long time. My time with them was too short even though I missed my husband and the chis.  Wish dh would have gone with me but he refuses to fly since 911.  Here is a slide show to see a little bit of my trip. For some reason my photos came out blurry and I apologize for that.  Usually my camera takes good pics.

Did you notice that I'm in some of the pictures?  That's a very, very rare occurrence and won't be repeated anytime soon--LOL!

Note:  My friends are as bad as me--we don't like our pictures taken.  So, I switched out a few of  the pictures on the slide show they told me had to GO!  This is take 3 so unless one of us objects to some of the pictures again, this should be it :)

29 July 2010

Spiderman Needs an Afghan Too...

A friend of mine shamed me because I made blankets for my friends when they had babies but she didn't get  one for her son.  Shame on me!  She liked the Spiderman version of the round ripple because her son is wild about Spiderman.  So, I put my mind to making one for the little guy.  Then, I got sidetracked and the the thought "I have plenty of time to do this.  It'll go fast."  Yeah, right.  When I finally got down to the nitty-gritty, I ended up making it a few rounds shorter than planned and I was weaving in those irksome ends as I was riding down the road to see them!  Didn't get a chance to do a quick laundering so the little guy has also received some strands of little doggie hairs from my "kids."  He asked me what the ghan was for and I told him that when he covered up with it then Spiderman's web would keep him warm and safe.  His mom has reported to me that he has tossed aside his store-bought blanket.  This little guy is so cute and I was so happy to have a crochet project so well received.  Here's a picture of it---

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28 July 2010

I Updated My List of Links for Round Afghans

I updated the list of round afghan patterns that I have here .  The new pattern is at the bottom of the list.  It is a cute baby blanket and the link for the pattern is here if you want to go directly to the pattern instead of visiting the list.  Hope you enjoy!

26 July 2010

Monday's Link for Free Crochet Pattern

I owe you an extra pattern this week since I was bad and didn't have a pattern posted last week when I was visiting friends in California.  Anyway, here is a pattern for mittens for men that was just posted on another blog. They're a small enough project that won't be a hassle to make during these warm hot summer days.

Another pattern that I am linking to for you is the Circles in Square afghan pattern.  The squares are a good take along project and as crocheters know, small projects are much better to work on in the summer.

Have fun everyone and hugs to all...

Playing With Photos Online

I'm back!  I thought I'd do a quick post.  I found another place to play around with special effects.  Here's one of my sons when they were youngsters.
Pencil Sketch by Wishafriend
Pencil Sketch Generator by WishAFriend.com

12 July 2010

Monday's Link for Free Crochet Pattern

I've been trying to keep a list of round afghan patterns.  When this new one at Lion Brand Yarn came up I decided it would make a great link for free pattern Monday.  Here it is!  If you go here you can see all the links I've gathered for free round afghan patterns.  Enjoy....

11 July 2010

Crocheted Summer Outfit for Doll

Here's my latest finished crochet project.  It is a doll for my friend's granddaughter.  I recycled a doll from the thrift store that was in perfect condition.  Then, I crocheted the outfit.  It's a free pattern but I don't remember where I found it!  I'll look for it and post the link later on.  I'm really looking forward to visiting my friends in California next this week!  Whoo Hoo!  Sharon's coming to town--lol!

Company for the Weekend

I had company this weekend.  I babysat my son Justin's furbaby "Spike."  The only time Spike wasn't moping on the couch, he was looking out the window, standing at the gate or standing at the front door.  He really misses his "daddy."  He has a sweet disposition and he can pull at my heart strings when he gets that sad look in his eyes.  Here are a few pics of him that I took this weekend.

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10 July 2010

A Cute Cartoon from 1936--"Somewhere in Dreamland"

One of my blog followers mentioned that she had been trying to find a favorite old cartoon.  I think that  I may have found it--here is Somewhere in Dreamland.  If this isn't it Lynn, let me know and I'll "sleuth" around the Net some more.

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Vintage Mighty Mouse

I love many old cartoons. Mighty Mouse is one of my childhood favorites. True, there is some violence in these old cartoons; but more importantly, Mighty Mouse cartoons showed that criminals and evil-doers always lose and pay a steep price for their nefarious deeds. For your pleasure here's one of the classic Mighty Mouse cartoons...

Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures - The Complete Series

07 July 2010

Excitement is Growing!!!

Why am I excited you might be asking yourself???  I'm going to hop on a plane 1 week from today and fly off to the west coast and visit 2 of my great friends!  One friend I haven't seen since high school and we were the class of '75!  The other friend I made in 1980 and I saw her about 5 years ago;  we've been friends and changed diapers on each others' kids and the oldest is 31, going on 32.  I've become quite a bit reclusive the older I get.  I cherish the friends I have more than they can ever know.  I started packing a week ago.  Now I have to go and  weed out extra clothes and make sure that what I've packed matches lol!  Poor dh says he'll miss me and I'll miss him too.  I'll bring him home a souvenir though and come home all happy and less grumpy. 

Hope y'all are having a great week!  I gotta go pack some more--lol!

05 July 2010

Monday's Link for Free Crochet Pattern

With baseball season in full swing, here's a set of baseball themed coasters to help protect your tables from those beer and soda can rings from the enthusiastic but messy fans in your home.  Here you go...  CLICK!  Have a great week everyone.

04 July 2010

I really liked this song when it came out.  The beat was catchy and I got into tapping my feet to it.  For me, it wasn't a put down of short people but rather a humorous way to look at height because at the time I was very self-conscious of being tall.  To all my short friends, I love you and thanks for putting up with me.

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Fun With Photo

I enjoy playing around with the Funny Photo Widget on Facebook. I have this nice photo of myself that I had to have taken professionally so folks wouldn't know how old I really look, and I played around with it and came up with some really humorous looks!  Check a few of them out:

This is actually dh and me on our wedding day.  As you can see we went "casual" to say the least.  We were both in the navy and I had had to work on the ship that day in 1987.  I was working on decommissioning my ship the USS Ajax AR-6.

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Betsy Ross and the History of the Flag

Many of us have grown up hearing the legend that the first American flag was made by Betsy Ross, a Philadelphia seamstress who was acquainted with George Washington, leader of the Continental Army, and other influential Philadelphians. In May 1776, so the story goes, General Washington and two representatives from the Continental Congress visited Ross at her upholstery shop and showed her a rough design of the flag. Although Washington initially favored using a star with six points, Ross advocated for a five-pointed star, which could be cut with just one quick snip of the scissors, and the gentlemen were won over.(see more)  The story first came to light in 1874 when her grandson William J. Canby told it at a meeting of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, there is no proof of this story.  This story is a great legend and wonderful fairy tale to tell children.  One day historians may be able to discover more about the origins of "Old Glory" and we'll learn the true story.

For more information on Ms. Ross, check out the following links:

Here is an old documentary on the history of the American flag from 1938 that you may find interesting. It is noteworthy that Betsy Ross is not mentioned.

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