06 August 2012

Prayer for Americans

I saw this on facebook and I thought it well worth sharing.

Little Baby Birds

Hubby told me to look at the picture he took with my camera. All I saw was a bird nest with some funny looking triangles in it. After downloading it to the computer, lo and behold it was a couple baby birds.

Of course I had to go see them for myself. Their mother had built their nest in a snowball bush in the backyard. This bush is right next to the patio where we frequently sit during the afternoons.  I am always amazed at how close to humans some birds will build their nests. I had to take my own picture and I caught this hungry looking baby.

..."Welcome, sweet bird!" I fondly cried,
No danger need'st thou fear,
Secure with me thou may'st abide,
Till warmer suns appear.
--Charlotte Richardson


Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (06 August 2012)

As I was chatting on the phone with my good friend, I was surfing the net looking for a pattern link to post for today. Now this friend makes killer tacos and when I saw this pattern  I knew I had to post this. Of course, she told me she had to have one too so this is close to the top of my to-do list now. Have a great week everyone!

My friend is not perfect--no more than I am--so we suit each other admirably.--Alexander Smith