05 February 2012

Darned Sniffles Look Like They're Here to Stay

Still off with my crocheting. I came back from my California visit with an upper respiratory infection that won't quit. I'm calling my doctor tomorrow because this has gone on long enough. In recent years I haven't been one to get "bugs" that hang on but since late last year I've been getting ear infections and upper respiratory infections off and on.

I do have a few projects on the hook. I have 2 pairs of slippers--1 slipper of each pair done and a dishcloth about 1/4 finished. I'm thinking of decorating one pair of slippers with a flower on the front. Maybe by posting here about it I'll get motivated.

My kindle died. I can't get it to boot up. I called the service techs at Amazon and followed their troubleshooting protocol but still no luck. I have the one with a keyboard and 3G/WiFi and they're going to replace it for $86; no freebie because mine was out of warranty. I still enjoy downloading free books for the kindle but some are really cheesy and a few are pretty good. If after a couple chapters I don't like a free book I just delete it from my kindle--nothing lost because I didn't pay anything for it. If anyone else goes for the free books, be sure to read the fine print because some of them are free only if you are an Amazon Prime member and that costs $79/year. Yep, I "goofed" once and paid for a book that I probably wouldn't have spent money on. I have a gift card balance on my account with Amazon and I'm trying to save that for whenever Amazon comes out with a new and improved version of the Kindle Fire.

Ok, I've really been chatting here for a while so I'll go ahead and sign off for now. Hope y'all have had a nice weekend and that you have a super week.