27 February 2016

Update on Bathroom Re-do

I have a few pictures of the update on the remodeling of the master bath hubby has been working on. He's slowly but surely getting it done and our neighbor has been giving him a lot of help Okay, here's the latest and greatest updates:

New wall between master bedroom and bath

Shower stall is in with water connected but not drain.

Space next to shower is going to be an extra deep linen closet. Room in the back for things rarely used such as sheets to fit air mattress and sleeper sofa.

Floor got covered up after install with paper and cardboard to protect it before I got picture. This picture and the next are "hints" of what it looks like. It is linoleum.

The towel bars I bought will not work so it's back to the store with them. I bought some large hooks and we'll make do with them to hang our towels on. I've seen that idea somewhere before, maybe on hgtv.

This is all I have for now. Take care my friends.


Wrapping up My Dishcloth Obsession

I might be finished with my obsession with dishcloths for now. I can't promise not to sneak a dishcloth or 2 in every now and then, but I have started a non-dishcloth project and I will be focusing on it. I have started a shawl in a pretty yarn that I bought quite some time ago and had stashed away. Here's the dishcloth wrap-up and the start of the shawl and links to the patterns.

From scraps:


I had spent quite a bit of time looking for a casual shawl pattern that would look good with jeans and be easy to make and watch a movie at the same time. I didn't want the half granny square one that has an easy repetitive pattern. I did find The Simple Crochet Shawl and even though it was reminiscent of the half granny square shawl it was different enough to fit the bill. The color of the yarn will go great with jeans. I didn't get too much done last night but I hope to finish this fairly quickly and share pictures.

This morning I found a free kindle book: 16 Crochet Shawl Patterns: DIY Clothing You'll Love. You can get a Kindle for PC app, Kindle for Android, or Kindle for Mac apps for free and are great if you you don't have a kindle and would like to take advantage of these freebies. There were numerous other free crochet books for kindle too. Before checking out, double check and make sure the prices are still free.

Husband is sawing and hammering in the background. I will do a bathroom status update in a day or 2. Time for me to do something constructive here so later gator!



25 February 2016

Bathroom Remodel Continues--

The bathroom off the master bedroom is still a work in progress. Hubby is doing a great job. The lighting is very poor in there so the pictures are a bit dark; here's some pictures to show you where he's at in the remodel:

Framing for shower stall installation 

New vent/light combo

Location for vanity. An additional outlet has been installed.

New drywall around toilet location

New subfloor

Wall framing between the bedroom and bath had to be "furred out" to accommodate new door. This old trailer framing used boards smaller than 2x4s and without modification, a prehung door would not fit.

View from bedroom into bath.

I am impressed with the color of the drywall. I had a moment or 2 when I thought about getting paint that color for the walls. I did buy the paint and it isn't anything like the drywall color. You will have to standby to see it--it's a surprise! ;)

Y'all take care and I'll be "talking" with you later.


Bathroom accessories 

24 February 2016

My Dishcloth Obsession

You are probably aware that I have become obsessed with making dishcloths. They're easy projects that I can make in an evening as I watch a bit of television. Another reason I think I like making dishcloths is that I can use so many different colors because I can quickly make one and start another with completely different color scheme. I haven't posted pics for a little while so I have a pile to share with you today. The first 2 are more or less based on some I've made before but I can't remember what pattern I used.

No written pattern:

I made the above dishcloths by using an H hook and chaining 30. 1st row, 29 sc. 2nd row (and all even number rows) ch1, then alternate sc and dc across. 3rd row (and all odd number rows) ch1 and sc across the 29 stitches. Make it as long as you want and end with an odd number row (all sc).

Made from left-overs

The following dishcloths were made using the same Chrysanthemum pattern but omitting the last round because I was running low on yarn.



Dish towels to coordinate