12 October 2013

Bathroom Update--

It's slow going but progressing nevertheless. We had an electrician in this week to rearrange the plug and setting up the exhaust with a light on separate switches so we don't have to run the exhaust whenever we want light in there. We will also have additional lighting over the mirror. I really wanted that because it is hard to pluck those stray hairs without good lighting. :) Today the guys are going to temporarily put the toilet in. One of my best friends is coming in Monday for a 2 week visit and it might be awkward if she had to walk through the master bedroom to use the facilities in the middle of the night. Hubby will still be working on the bathroom during the day. He has done this kind of work several times for friends but because it's his house, he watches and rewatches how-to videos on Youtube--goofy guy. ;)

I've been slowing working on a baby blanket. Don't know where my crochet mojo has gone. This year has been an off one for crocheting.

That's about all for now.

Y'all take care!


02 October 2013

Bathroom Gone!

Yesterday when I returned home from 2 doctor appointments, I went to use the "facilities" and this is what I found--

Bathroom was GONE!  You may recall that back in April, I blogged about redoing the bath. Hubster has had a major procrastination episode and it didn't get started. Of course, I have had the new bathroom vanity plopped down in the living room for many months now and several boxes of lighting fixtures, faucets, tile and miscellany stored in the garage. I have a friend from California coming for a visit and this has been motivation to get the job done. I also think he is reluctant to work for this boss--ME.   I will be so happy to get this done and fixed up pretty.

About the doctors' appointments:

  • I do have arthritis in feet and ankles. That's no big news. I'm to take the medication I have for arthritis in lower back, hips and legs for these areas/parts too. I am very thankful that my hands have not been affected.
  • I have surgery scheduled for November 25th. I have a rectocele that needs to be repaired and a prolapsed uterus. The surgeon will put everything back in place and use my own tissue or donor tissue if needed to assist in putting everything in place and keeping it there. He doesn't want to do any extreme surgeries such as taking out the uterus because I am very prone to scarring and if any of you have had adhesions post-op, you know what I mean when I say they cause pain and it gets worse as time goes by. Anyway, everything is looking brighter for me and I am feeling blessed about it. 
Hugs, Sharon

ps--We do have a 2nd bathroom so it's not a big loss having this one under construction.  

Have a great week everyone!

This is like the one on Big Bang Theory