06 April 2013

Upcoming Home Improvement Project

We're going to be gutting our main bathroom and redoing it. I've spruced up the old bathroom with color but it's still looking shabby so that's the reason we're going to redo the entire thing. My husband will be doing the majority of the work so this won't be a quick project. The other day, the new vanity was delivered. It's gorgeous--looks like an antique piece of furniture.
I'm totally in love with this! It's about a foot shorter than the old one but that's ok because the old one butted up next to the wall. We're going to be getting faucets that are finished in a bronze look.

I've been looking online at shower curtains but the ones I like are very expensive so I'll be shopping around a while longer for it. Amazon has 300+ pages of shower curtains that I've gone through so far. I may just have to go to actual stores.

This is all that's news today.

Take care and have a great weekend.