11 January 2011

New Crochet Pattern Added to List

New pattern listed under today's date on the list of free crochet patterns for round(ish) afghans. If anyone notices duplicates or expired links, please let me know and I'll fix. Thanks.

Made an Earwarmer

I'm making a bet with myself that when son #1 goes on his trip he forgets to bring a hat with him (or can't find one) so I tried out the pattern I posted a link to on Monday to make a set of earwarmers for him. I really like how it turned out. He's not here right now so the ol' Teddy bear modeled it for me. I tried it on and I really, really like it. I can see some earwarmers in my future. Oh, and maybe I better post a direct pattern link for you too. Thanks for checking this out.

Baby Cocoon Ensemble Finished

Tonight, or I should say last night since it is early in the morning today, I finished the baby cocoon and hat I've been working on. The pattern is from Annie's Attic Cuddle Cocoons by Sandy Powers. I noticed that even though I crochet loosely, I had to go up a hook size for this one. So far I don't have plans for this one, I just wanted to make one of these cocoon ensembles. Here's the pic:
I really need to figure out some better backgrounds to use. :) Now that I've finished this project, it's back to figuring out how to make some order out of the disorder in my spare room/craft room until I find some more yarn I have forgotten and get side-tracked making something else again.

Y'all stay warm....