05 April 2011

Terrorism Hiding Under the Guise of Religion

Last year, I wrote a blog entry about the infamous Florida minister, Terry Jones. He had planned to burn the Quran (Koran is also accepted spelling) on 11 September and after President Obama asked Rev. Jones not to, he did not carry out his plan until 20 March 2011.

Here's the video of the burning. The entire video shows the flames consuming the Koran. No other real "action" takes place.

This "church" (I use this term loosely) has a hate provoking sign on their lawn that reads "Islam is of the devil." No, reverend, hatred is of the devil. If you visit the church's website, you will note that there are pleas for donations and there are actually items, containing hateful slogans, for sale! Something interesting to note is that the reverend has written a book and he is selling it on the church's website. Perhaps all his hateful, hurtful, cruel actions are a major publicity stunt to make money off of sales of his books and hate paraphernalia.

The following is a short video clip showing a united front of Christians, Muslims, and Jews peacefully protesting the sign on the church's lawn.

After watching these videos and reading some articles about this event, I wonder could Reverend Jones's actions be considered a hate crime or terrorism or both? Something to think about. 

Once again Reverend Jones, I'm praying that you learn what it is to be a Christian. 

I know this isn't my usual type of post.  I feel that we must be aware of what is going on in our world and when evil rears its ugly head we must let it be known that it is unacceptable.