31 December 2014

Wrapping Up the Year of Crochet

Here's my crochet in review for 2014. I made this with the free slide show maker that comes with the free picasa software, but when I tried to add audio, the sound was distorted. I went looking for another way to make a slide show and I found this freeware program called Free Slideshow Maker. It's a no-frills way to make a slideshow. I couldn't figure out how to reorganize the order my pictures showed.  It did allow me to put in an audio portion of royalty free music clip I found at  Incompetech. Anyway, I'll stop my complaining and get on with the show--

I see that I need to be more patient about taking pictures. I should wait until I have good natural light. to avoid the harsh light "spots" in some pictures from overhead lights and the washed out look when the lighting is too dark.

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year.