07 March 2012

Well, It's My Birthday...

It's my birthday now that the clock has inched past midnight. I'm now (gasp, choke) 55 and that means I'm eligible for senior discounts at a few more places lol! Hubby gave me a choice for my birthday present--new 6 panel doors on the bathroom and linen closet or a Kindle Fire. I chose the doors because I have been waiting for them for more than a few years. Last year hubby decided he was going to retire and we would live off of his military retirement check so things have been tight and our little home improvement projects have slowed way down and so I decided that it was less selfish of me to have the money spent on the house and then it would be for something just for me. I have saved almost half of what I need for a Kindle Fire in gift cards anyway.

Back to my birthday stuff. I was the oldest granddaughter in my  mom's family and I was born on my grandma's birthday. Grandma was one special lady--very spiritual and full of love for her family. Here's an old picture of my grandmother, grandfather, my siblings and 4-eyed me on one of our joint birthdays.

Have a great day everyone!