25 January 2011

Scammers Are Calling AGAIN! BEWARE of "Credit Card Services"

Some of you who have been reading my blog for a while may remember that I am having a war with a scamming company called Credit Card Services. They call you and promise to lower your credit card interest rates. OK, the first problem is, it is NEVER a good idea to give out credit card information over the phone unless you initiate the call to a business that you KNOW is reputable. The second problem is the number that shows up on the caller id LOOKS BOGUS-- (637) 000-2238. The 3rd problem is I have asked them many, many times to STOP CALLING ME, but they don't. For more information google their name or the telephone number I've given you and  see all the complaints about them. Once again, I registered a complaint with the Do Not Call folks. Today I told these idiots that they were predatory scammers and that I reported them before and was going to do it again. I told them that I was telling them AGAIN to take me off their call list. Their call came in shortly before 1 this afternoon and by 1, I was filling out the form to report them.