25 August 2010

Teddy Bear Gets a Shirt

I was trying to organize one of the spare bedrooms today.  This room temporarily lost a closet to the new hall/stairs leading to the garage.  One of these days, we'll put a small closet back in there.  For the time being, I have a pile of "stuff" to do something with.  I found a box of stuffed animals that I had here for my dil's granddaughter to play with when she was smaller.  This "nekkid" teddy bear called out to me that he needed a shirt.  Then, a loose pattern was in the room for teddy bear shirts!  Musta been in the stars for this bear to get a new shirt today.  Here's the pic of him and the link to the pattern.  If you're going to make this, take the designers advice and MEASURE where she says measure and don't guesstimate because I had to add extra on the side seams before sewing them up. Takes a tad bit over 1/2 hour to make this.  Enjoy!

Major Dad--Good Sitcom for the Family!

I was watching this episode of Major Dad on hulu  and it cracked me up! I hope you enjoy it too! I'm almost finished watching all the available Major Dad shows they have and will be sad to see the last one. I just love a cute, wholesome sitcom. Enjoy!

Major Dad