05 February 2011

Granny Ripple Ghan is Fini!

Here it is, finished at last. I made it a little wider than the pattern I based it on. I ended up doing a light blocking by putting it on the bed slightly damp and finger-smoothing it flat. I only did 1 round of single crochet and maybe I should have done a 2nd but I think it looks ok.  Thanks for looking...

Quick and Easy Cheesecake

I'm not a Susie Homemaker nor a Betty Crocker but I do get ambitious once in a while to make some "treats." I see all sorts of delicious goodies on some blogs I read and I'm jealous. Not that I'd want to take the talent/goodies away I'd just like a little bit of my own. So, sometimes I find shortcuts and easy things to make. I've been in the mood for some cheesecake lately so when DH and I stopped at Meiers yesterday on our way back from Louisville we bought some cream cheese (on sale 4 packs for  $5). Today when my sweet, adopted great-granddaughter came over we made an easy cheesecake. Here's how we did it:

Easy Cheesecake
1 store-bought graham cracker crumb crust (or one of the cookie flavor ones will work)
2 8oz. packs cream cheese--let it get to be room temp (I let mine sit on counter for an hour)
2 eggs
3/4 cup sugar (I used an off brand of Splenda)
2 teasp vanilla
1/2 teasp grated lemon peel (I use the stuff in the jar from the spice section)

Preheat oven to 350

Beat cheese

Add eggs, sugar, vanilla and lemon peel--beat it until it is fluffy-looking

Bake about 25 minutes until it looks firm

Refrigerate 8 hours

Eat with your choice of topping or plain. We like it plain.

Very easy and quite tasty. Enjoy y'all....

Search Amazon.com for cheesecake recipe book