09 December 2012

To All of You---

Little Opi's Christmas Sweater

I finished Opi's Christmas sweater last night. I pondered for a while on what to embellish it with and ended up making a Christmas tree out of a plain ol' triangle and decorating it with buttons for ornaments. The white "fuzzy" yarn is a "shedder." It's made by Bernat and I got it at Walmart specifically for the Chis' Christmas sweaters so it's a bit disappointing that little bits of fluff end up everywhere when I touch the sweaters/yarn. For inspiration, I used this pattern. I "winged" the Christmas tree. I'm looking forward to dressing up Opi for Christmas. Poor little guy has allergies and has to wear a shirt all the time otherwise he'll scratch his skin raw so he's used to wearing clothes unlike our Nellie Belle.

That's it for now folks! Have a great week....