15 May 2012

Baby Blue Blanket

Hi everyone. I made this out of a basic granny square. I edged it with shell stitches. The blue is Paton's Me Mine yarn and the edge is out of Red Heart Buttercup. I love this yarn except that finished objects made from these yarns have to be hand-washed and dried flat.  I'm fortunate that my machine has a hand-wash cycle and things like this I put in a large mesh bag and wash them in the  machine. Here's the pictures:

A closer look at the edging--

That's it for this post! Have a good evening.

I Saw This Old Article...

Read this article this morning and I must share it with you. It's about the world's largest yarn stash. WOW! Looks more like the interior of a yarn store rather than an individual's stash. Check it out here. Maybe you've seen this before but it's great to go back to it and show hubby when he asks "Don't you have enough yarn?" Nope dear, I haven't even come close to having a big enough stash. "Big enough"-- I'm not sure how to define the meaning of those two words.

A $2 haul in 2008 added to stash. ;)

This is it for now. Hugs...

Storage for yarn idea