30 November 2009

Vintage WWII Crochet Pattern for Scarves for Servicemembers

I was asked a question about a WWII vintage scarf pattern to crochet scarves for service members.  I knew I had seen that pattern but it took me quite a while to locate it again.  Anyway the pattern is here.

28 November 2009

What I've Been Up To...

Sometimes I can be quite spacey.  The week before Thanksgiving, dh and I went to visit a friend of mine from long ago when I was in the navy.  We hadn't seen each other since March 1986!  The visit went great!  There are some people that were just meant to be friends.  After not seeing her for 23 years, it was just like I had seen her the week before, I mean there wasn't a sense of unease or anything.  I brought my camera with me but as I mentioned earlier, I'm spacey at times and the camera stayed packed away.  I brought her and her husband slippers I crocheted and usually I take pictures of all my crochet projects but these slipped by; did I mention that I can be spacey? lol....
Thanksgiving was great.  Unfortunately my dil had to work and wasn't able to have the meal with us.  I had son take a plate to her so at least she was able to have some of the food.  Both of my sons, the ggd and dh's mom shared a pretty good meal (if I may say so myself :) ) with dh and me.  I didn't stress about fixing the food this year.  I started baking pies and making side dishes earlier in the week and popped them into the freezer until Thanksgiving morning.  We had  our meal a bit later in the day, 5 p.m., and that helped out a lot too.  Also, I trimmed a few extra dishes off the menu.  For years, I had tried to replicate the Thanksgiving meals of my childhood even though those meals were put together by numerous ladies in the family and not just one person (me).
I'm still crocheting.  My focus is on the traditional slippers I make for most family  members and friends every Christmas.  Instead of taking a picture of each pair, I'm going to wait until they're all finished and then take a picture of the entire batch of 'em. I'm also making a mat out of scrap yarn for the dogs to lay on the floor with to keep warm.
I hope that all of you had a great Thanksgiving.  Best wishes to all.  Hugs....

11 November 2009

Tomb of the Unknowns Dedicated This Day in 1921

On this day, November 11, 1921, U.S. President Warren Harding dedicated the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. On March 4, 1921, Congress approved a resolution providing for the burial of an unidentified American soldier, following the custom adopted by other allied countries after World War I. The site was to be the plaza of Arlington National Cemetery’s Memorial Amphitheater, which had been dedicated the previous year.
     On Memorial Day, 1921, an unknown was exhumed from each of four cemeteries in France. The remains were placed in identical caskets and assembled at Chalon sur Marne.  Ultimately they were interred at Arlington.  Then on Memorial Day, May 28, 1984, President Ronald Reagan presided over the interment ceremony for the Vietnam Unknown service member.
     To read about the history of this monument, go to this army page.

03 November 2009

I'm Slow so Sue Me lol...Here's Halloween Pics

Here's a few pictures of Halloween at our house.  My daughter-in-law is the little devil and my son is the handsome fellow with her.  You can see ggranddaughter and granddaughter. Ray and ggranddaughter posed with the giant tomato.  The dogs also dressed up so that they wouldn't be caught nekkid by other trick-or-treaters! Hope you received more treats than tricks...

Slippers for Me

Here is a picture of a pair of slippers I recently made for myself.  I was going to put these aside for a Christmas gift but the yarn (I bought it on clearance) was cut in several places so I had to join it 4 times in 1 slipper grrrrr...The yarn I used is I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby.  Normally, this is a great yarn to work with--soft and doesn't split.  This is the same pattern I usually use for slippers and you can find it here.