31 August 2011

For All You Cat Lovers

I had a few giggles at the bully cat. Hope you enjoy!

Alternative Store for Groceries

DH hasn't been working regularly since late spring so money has been tight. As you all know, the price of groceries has sky-rocketed and continues to rise. I stopped by a salvage grocery store yesterday to see what kind of deals I could find. I found that you could not do a "regular" grocery shopping trip here but you could stock up on some great bargains. Here's a little look at what I bought.

"Nom-noms" for Opi and Nellie Belle's Sunday dinner. They were 50 cents each.

"Fancy' coffee $2.99 each.

Hubby's favorite-- a special yesterday at 2 for 99 cents


Only 39 cents!

25 cents each for these

Starbucks decaf for only $3.09

Pepsi and Coke products were 20 cents per can

Everything was in date. Some of the packaging was slightly damaged. I checked to make sure that if a can was dented, that the seal wasn't involved. The soda cans needed to be wiped off before I put them in the fridge because there was a little stickiness to them--probably opened cans slopped their contents on the good cans. You can probably tell that we're big coffee drinkers! I'm supposed to drink decaf but I will use the flavored coffee and mix it with my plain decaf. One thing I have learned not to buy at stores like this one is taco shells. I had bought a box that looked pristine--no damage or signs of being overly handled. Unfortunately, most of the shells were broken.

Hope that you have luck looking for bargains too.