12 February 2016

Crazy Dishcloth Making Lady

Hey, it's that crazy dishcloth making lady back here again. Why am I making so darned many dishclothes? The answer to that question is easy. One of these days years days, I am going to have a bunch of stuff crocheted and sell it at a craft show. I know, I should have enough things made now but I enjoy giving these things away too. I've never participated in a craft show but I understand that often space rent is pricey and you have to sell quite a bit to at least make your money back. Now, I am hoarding crocheted items. I'd like to sell things at a reasonable price but if the only one making money is the venue and I'm not going to break even then it seems that I need a fairly large stockpile of things to sell that are practical and not too pricey. Anyway, that's my theory on selling at craft shows. What about you? What craft show experiences have you had?

Here are a few more dishcloths that I've made. As I've mentioned before, when I'm showing things made from a pattern I've used previously, I'll try to include something made from a new-to-me pattern to put a little spice in the mix. So here we go--

Made from scraps

We're still down in Florida. Hubby is getting ready to do some work on the master bedroom and bath. We have a small, single wide trailer and we thought we would have a good deal after a little bit of sweat equity was put into the place. Unfortunately, the "little bit" of sweat equity turned into a very big bit. I'm looking at things optimistically--in a few years we want to move down here year-round and get a house. Husband and I are having a learning experience with the work that is going into this place so we'll (okay mainly husband) be better qualified when it comes to fixing up a house. I will show you some pictures later) on.

This is all I have for now. Y'all take care and stay warm!