28 May 2010

Unwanted Phone Calls Trying to Scam!!!

I keep getting phone calls from a company called Credit Card Services.  At least that's what they call themselves.  My caller ID says "unknown caller" and no telephone number is displayed.  The offer of reducing interest rates on credit cards to less than 7% sounded good but I wasn't born yesterday and know better than to give financial information out over the phone when I did not initiate the call!  I am on the Do Not Call List but I don't have a number for the jerks to report them!  Anyone have any ideas of what to do about these jerks?  Once again, I told the person to take my name off his list.  He said I was on his call list because I agreed to take phone calls about offers from 3rd parties....NOT!  Anyway, the little bit of sleuthing I've done on the Internet shows that other folks are fed up with getting phone calls from them too.  Check out what some people have to say here.  Just venting here.  My home time is private time and not time for idiots like these.  I promise to be nicer next time I blog.  Sharon
PS  I get calls from these people every week or 2 for more than a year.  I'm fed up with them!

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