11 April 2016

"I" is for Ice Cream!

Most of us enjoy a cold serving of ice cream in the summer time. Here's a link to a recipe to make a serving of ice cream in a bag. Sounds like a fun project for the kids.

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Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (11 April 2016)

Today's link is to the pattern for the beautiful Blue Star Afghan pattern. It us also available in Leisure Arts #108205, Herrschners Blue-Ribbon Afghans but it's not free there. I have included an Amazon link for their least expensive copies of this book. Some of the Amazon vendors are ridiculous with their prices of $188. The vendor I've posted a link to is a few cents over $5. Anyway, the afghan is beautiful and the first link is free so it's definitely a bargain. 

Happy hooking and hugs,


09 April 2016

Hot off the Hook

Hot off the hook is a set of coasters. I used a pattern I came up with but haven't used too many times yet. Now hubby doesn't have excuses for the rings he's been leaving on the end table. 

"H" Is for Herman's Hermits

Herman's Hermits, who are one of the most successful groups throughout the world. From their beginning in Manchester, England, on April 1st 1964, the band has chalked up over 23 hit singles, 10 hit albums, 3 major movies and countless television shows and concert tours all over the world - up to date they have total record sales of over 75 million. Go here to see their page for more information.

08 April 2016

G is for "Granny Squares"

Lately I've been making some granny squares to piece together into lapghans to donate to a charity. Here are some patterns to crochet your own squares. I am mainly making solid granny squares-- I figure those will make warmer lapghans without the holey pattern of the traditional granny squares.

Oh, here's a freebie granny square ebook from Amazon. Check it out quick because it might not be free for long.

07 April 2016

Still Crocheting...

Here are some more finished things I crocheted.

Merry-go-round dishcloths:

Can't find the scarf and hat patterns I used for these. I don't think I downloaded them, might have just had them on the screen of my laptop while I crocheted them. The yarn is a very soft mill end I got at Joann's. 

We'll be headed back to Kentucky before the end of the month but before we go, our older son is coming down to see us tomorrow (in Florida) for a quick visit. It will be great to see him and it will be nice for him because Kentucky is having a very cold spell this weekend.

I've been doing the A to Z Challenge 2016. It's interesting and I'm finding a few interesting blogs to read. Check it out for some interesting reading.

This is it for now folks!

Hugs, Sharon

F is for "Foreigner"

I am having quite a difficult time picking out what to post for this a to z challenge. Anyway, today I'm sharing with you some music from the band Foreigner. Their music is timeless and is as relevant today as it was when they first performed these songs.

06 April 2016

E is for Eagles

One of my favorite bands since forever has to be the Eagles. Today I'm sharing a video clip that has several of their great songs for our listening enjoyment.

05 April 2016

"D" Is for My Darling Dog...

My darling dog is officially known as Nellie Belle. We call her Nellie,  or sometimes Belle-Belle. She's a chubby Chihuahua. Our human kids are grown and gone so Nellie Belle is the only thing keeping us from being empty nesters. She's a sweet and cuddly little girl. She is very protective of her home turf and puts on a fierce act when she feels her territory is threatened. She is more show than anything and has never bitten anyone in her 10 years except for the bottom of my pant leg when she needed to go outside and go potty. Here's a few pics of my darling Belle.

See what other people have posted at:

04 April 2016

Crochet Updates

Yep, more dishcloths but also a hat and scarf set too. Here we go!

More chrysanthemum dishcloths:

Flower power dishcloths:

Hat and scarf set:

The yarn I used here is a reflective yarn

I don't have a pattern per se. I found a hat pattern that I thought I liked but when I tried to make it, the pattern did not match up with the pictures that the designer showed. I ended up basing my creation partially on the pattern and partially on my imagination. The scarf is based on another pattern. Yep, you're right, a dishcloth pattern that I modified to create the scarf.

 That's all for now folks!



"C" is for Casper the Friendly Ghost

I am having a hard time coming up with things for these blog posts. Hmmm, I even googled "words that start with C." Crochet would have been an obvious choice for my blog but I wanted to be a little less predictable. Here's what I've come up with for today's post--Casper the Friendly Ghost! Casper is another of those things from my childhood that brings back happy time memories of watching the ol' black and white television set that you had to physically turn the dial to change channels because remote controls didn't exist. Even though many of these cartoons are in color, people back in the old days didn't run out and get the newest gadgets until the old ones broke and were beyond repair. I hope you enjoy these Casper videos.