Misc. Patterns for Dogs

Most of the patterns here are for crocheted dog sweaters/coats. There are a few additional items that I thought might be cute plus a handful of sewing patterns.

Asta Dog Sweater
Autumn Stripes Crochet Min Pin Sweater
Basic Crochet Sweater for Your Chi
Bobbie's Doggie Sweater
Cabled Dog Sweater
Candy Corn Pet Sweater
Cheerleader Dog
Chillin Doggie Scarf and Leg Warmers
Christmas Dog Sweater archived 
Custom Fit Dog Sweater EBook by Jenna Wingate Designs
Dapper Doggie Sweater
Devil Dog
Diego's Chi Chi Hat
Diva Dog
Dog Bone Applique and Toy
Dog Booties
Dog Coat with a Stripe
Dog Hoodie
Dog Leg Warmers
Dog Leggings
Dog Sweater
Dog Sweater (from Michaels)
Dog Sweater Ribbed Edge
Dog Sweater-Jacket
Dog Sweater with Suede Trim
Doggie Shrug
Doggie Snuggle Up
Doggie Sweater
Doggie Sweater 2
Doggie Tutu
Doggie Vest With Bow Tie
Dog's Crochet Bumble Bee Costume
Dog's Crochet Granny Square Sweater
Dog's Witch Costume
Easy Chihuahua Sweater Pattern
Easy Dog Sweater
Easy Dog Sweater Tutorial
Easy Ribbed Dog Sweater
Flashy Dog Sweater and Leash
Flower Garden Sweater
Free Easy Crochet Dog Sweater
Free Patterns go to site, crochet patterns, use search box type "dog sweater." This site seems to move things around so this is the best way to find anything.
Fur Trimmed Pet Sweater
Gingham Style Crochet Dog Sweater
Granny Square Dog Sweater
Granny Square Dog Sweater 2
Happy Dots Dog Sweater
Holiday Pet Sweater
Hot Dog Coat
Hunter Dog
Jennifer's Patriotic Dog Jacket
Kugel's Endless Scarf (with Cat Ears)
Martha Stewart's Pooch Poncho
Mock Turtle Neck Sweater designed for cat but could probably be used for smaller dog
Multi-Color Dog Sweater
One-Piece Solid Dog Sweater
Patriotic Granny Square Sweater for Chis
Phoebe's Favorite Cat (or dog) Sweater
Polo Sweater
Pooky's Dog Sweater
PopTab Dog Collar
Post Sweater for Chis by Aunt B
Prancer Sweater
Princess Dog Coat
Puppy Pirate Hat
Puppy's Granny Square Coat
Purpleicious Dog Coat
Raspberry Fool Dog Sweater
Red Hot Chili Pepper Sweater
Ripple Dog Sweater
Rosie's Doggie Sweater
Sailor Dog Coat
Sammy's Crocheted Sweater
Santa Pet Sweater
Sawyer's Shrug
Sawyer's Sweater
Scare Bear Dog Costume
Shell Stitched Dog Collar
Skull Motif Dog Coat
Striped Dog Sweater
Suede Lace Dog Collar
Sunday Special Sweater for Your Chi
Super-Value Dog Coat
Super-Value Dog Coat 2
T Shirt and Jeans
Teacup chi sized/ puppy sized sweater
Teddy Bear Ear Warmer for Dog
Thorn's Doggie Sweater
Tia's Summer Breeze Sweater
Urban Granny Dog Sweater
XS Dog Sweater

Bib Dress
Dog Booties
Dog Harness Vest
Dog Sweatshirt
Doggy Style Dress
Easiest Upcycled Dog Tie Ever
Fleece Dog Sweater
Neck Tie Recycling (more)
Noppa's Sewing Club--patterns to fit dalmatians
Puppy Party Dress
Sock Bed for Kitty (can be for small dogs too)
Stafford Dog Coat
Winter Dog Boots

http://dogclothespatterns.blogspot.com/ an assortment of free patterns here to sew clothing for your dog
http://www.sewingsupport.com/sewing-how-to/free-patterns-and-projects/pets/dogs/clothes.html an assortment of over 70 designs to sew for dogs.