19 July 2011

#1 Son's Visiting and More...

Matthew is visiting today. He comes over to use my washing machine once a week and we get a chance to visit too; I miss having my "kids" around. Anyway, I decided to take some of my green beans from the garden and freeze individual packs for him. I don't think he eats many vegetables and I thought I'd hook him up do the "mommy thing" and send him home with some green beans.

Matt and Nellie Belle goofing off

Here's the product:

I made 7 of these packs with sandwich bags--about 1 cup each bag

Then I put them all in a larger, freezer bag

Hope y'all are having a great week.

Latest Canning Adventure...

I was surfing and searching the Web from one end to another looking for recipes to can dill pickles. My goodness there are an encyclopedia set full of them! I combined a little of this and that from various recipes and came up with my own recipe. I did 4 quarts. I wanted to do more but dh said we were throwing away older pickles I had canned a couple years ago. Anyway, here's the pickles: