12 March 2013

Where's the Windows 8 Start Button???

A couple weeks ago, I got a new computer with Windows 8. My old computer operated on Vista so I was really surprised at the setup of the new Windows. I don't care for the smartphone looking start screen (maybe because my cell phone is low tech) so I go to the desktop. There are 2 problems with the desktop--if you have a 64 bit computer, you have to use java for 32 bit computer. No biggie really except when I went to update java, only the 64 bit updated and I had to install and update the 32 bit too. What really peeved me was the lack of a start button. I did some online sleuthing and found a free program that installs a start button. This free program is called Start Menu 8 and you can find it at CNET. Now that I have it I'm a happy computer-er. happy mood moods

Might snow here tonight. I hope y'all are staying warm and cozy. That's it for now.

Later Gator,