25 February 2016

Bathroom Remodel Continues--

The bathroom off the master bedroom is still a work in progress. Hubby is doing a great job. The lighting is very poor in there so the pictures are a bit dark; here's some pictures to show you where he's at in the remodel:

Framing for shower stall installation 

New vent/light combo

Location for vanity. An additional outlet has been installed.

New drywall around toilet location

New subfloor

Wall framing between the bedroom and bath had to be "furred out" to accommodate new door. This old trailer framing used boards smaller than 2x4s and without modification, a prehung door would not fit.

View from bedroom into bath.

I am impressed with the color of the drywall. I had a moment or 2 when I thought about getting paint that color for the walls. I did buy the paint and it isn't anything like the drywall color. You will have to standby to see it--it's a surprise! ;)

Y'all take care and I'll be "talking" with you later.


Bathroom accessories