13 March 2009

Good News Today

Yippee! I got a temp. job with the Census Bureau for Census 2010. I will start my training the end of this month and it's PAID training! Just had to share the good news with you. Yippee! Oh, and the picture is of a badge an enumerator would have worn for the 1900 census--I thought that might be of a history kind-of interest to you. It will be interesting to compare it with the new one when I get it. Ok, I'll hush up for now. Hugs to all...

Free Crocheted Dishcloth Pattern!

I've been playing around making dishcloths without a "regular" pattern and this is one of my favorites to make and use. If it is similar to one you have seen elsewhere then I'm sorry. This is one that I've developed by trial and error and lots of experimenting :). This pattern is mine and by being posted here it is copyrighted as of 13 March 2009. You may use this pattern to crochet gifts or for your own use. Absolutely no selling of finished objects! Do not sell the pattern or copy my pictures for your own use or sale because I hold the copyright for them too. You may print out copies of this pattern and the accompanying photos to use as reference only. Do not post this pattern or the accompanying photos elsewhere on the web. You may link to the pattern here please. So enough of that and here's the pattern...

Meshie-Washie Dishcloth


All cotton ww yarn (examples use 3 colors)
G Hook
Tapestry needle


With color A chain 25

Row 1 In 2nd ch from hook sc then sc across (24 sc), ch 3 then turn
Row 2 skip first sc then dc in next sc, ch1, *skip sc then dc in next, ch 1*

Row 3 sc across {last sc will be between a dc and ch3 ( 24 across)}

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until you have 7 rows of row 2 and 8 rows of row 3

Fasten Off


1st round

attach color B ch1

sc around-- In corners, put 1 sc ch2 and 1sc

slip stitch into first stitch when finishing row

Fasten off

2nd round

attach color C ch3

dc around--In corners put 2 dc ch1 and 2dc

slip stitch into first stitch when finishing row

Fasten off

Weave in all loose ends