05 August 2008

08-05-2008 Canning and Freezing Vegetables--Money Saving Tip

Today I am freezing corn and making pickles. The cucumbers came from our very first garden! The corn came from a farmer. Today's money saving tip is about buying produce. What you must do is SHOP AROUND!!! In order to conserve gas, you and a friend or 2 should go around to different farmers' markets and produce stands and carry cell phones with you. Then, while at the stands, call each other and compare prices. Then, either the proprieter of the stand you are at will lower his price or your friend can buy for you at the cheaper price! We relied on word-of-mouth. Corn was going for $40 a bushel at the farmers' market by our house. A neighbor found a place to get corn for $16 a bushel so guess who we went with??? Anyway, I'll keep you posted with my first time canning and freezing produce! Later...

08-05-2008 USS Houston CA30 Sunk During WWII

I was honored to meet and correspond with some of the survivors from the USS Houston back in 2002. I wrote my college thesis on the heroes of this ship wreck. The ones I met were humble men and surprisingly did not hold a grudge against their captors. Back in 2002, the survivors received back pay from the advancements they were eligible for during their captivity. These pay raises were in WWII dollars without interest being paid. I have a cousin (once removed) and her half-brother was killed in the Battle of Makassar Strait the previous month. Anyway, before you watch this video, scan over to the music player and turn the music off so that you can hear this video without interference.

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