15 December 2010

Getting Ready for Winter Storm

Down here in Kentucky by Fort Knox, we're getting ready for a major storm with snow, freezing rain and sleet. Had to go and get bottled water, canned foods and extra batteries for the flash lights. The gas stove we have now locks up and it isn't possible to light the burners with matches like our old stove so I got some propane for our camping stove just in case we lose power. We were without power for almost a week a few winters ago and it was kind of cozy sleeping on the futon mattress in front of the fireplace with the 2 chihuahuas snuggled with us. Hopefully we'll keep power this time. I'm ready for whatever happens. Y'all have a nice night and stay warm...

Ice storm January-February 2009

Anyone Want a Corvette for Christmas?

DH is finally willing to sell his Corvette. It is kept in the garage AND under a car cover. He just put over $1000 in it doing a fancy-smancy tune-up. Why??? I don't know because he only takes it out and drives it around the neighborhood every now and then. I think he'd keep it in a giant sized curio cabinet if there was such a thing. Anyway, it's a 1986, and the first $6500 takes it. Now don't you just want to put it in your driveway or garage? It's a "man-toy" needing a new man to adopt it and take home before the holidays.