30 November 2010

WIP Wednesday for 01 December 2010

It's almost Wednesday so I'll post my wips a little early. :)

Here are the two projects that I played around with on Tuesday. The first is a Tulip Stitch Dishcloth. I ended up finishing the dishcloth after I took the photo of it as a WIP. It's going to be part of some sort of kitchen set so I'll show the finished version after I finish  whatever I decide to put with it.

The other thing that I was working on Tuesday, was a Christmas decoration from Drops Design. I really like this and I think I'll make a few more and use them as decoration on gifts and then the recipients can hang on their own tree if they want to. A few ends to weave in and this one will be done.

Got a New Camera

Somehow, the screen on my digital camera cracked. As every blogger knows, ya gotta have a camera! I called dh and he ok'd me getting a camera as an early Christmas present; so I hied to WalMart lickety-split! I saw what looked to be a great camera by Sanyo "Sanyo VPC-T1495BL 14MP Digital Camera w/ 5x Optical Zoom, 2.7" LCD Display"--the videos it took were supposed to be "movie quality." I brought it home, charged the batteries and took a flash picture of Opi (and Nellie snuck in) and it sucked! Here it is:
I packed it up and raced back to Wally World, already starting to feel the terror of blog pages with only WORDS! I paid a few bucks more and got a Kodak EasyShare M580 14MP Digital Camera, 8x Optical Zoom, 3" LCD, 1-Button Upload Camera. Here's a flash picture taken with it:
I think the Kodak is much, much better. 

Oh, this is Opi in his "camping tent."

29 November 2010

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern 29 Nov. 2010

Here's a nice pattern for a short cape. The model is all gussied up but I was thinking that it would be nice to wear around the house too in the winter.  Check it out and y'all have a great week.  Hugs...

NOTE: There was a problem with the link but it is now corrected. Sorry for any problems with it. Sharon

28 November 2010

More Coasters...

Finished these last night. These are my latest favorite "purse" project.

Christmas Spirit at the Mall

I saw this and had to share it with all of you. Enjoy all :)
(You may scroll down the column on your right to mute the blog's music player if it is on, to better hear the video).

27 November 2010

Free Crochet Pattern for "Coasters in the Round"

One of my friends in Blogland asked me what pattern I use for the coasters I make. This was something I played around with until I figured it out. Here's what I do:

Coasters in the Round

  • I use an I hook but I crochet loosely. You may want to change hook size  or make additional rounds.
  • Yarn:  ww cotton

Round 1:

  • ch 2
  • work 5sc in first (this makes a circle)
  • put marker in this 5th sc and last sc of every round
  • do not turn on these rounds
Round 2:
  • 3 sc in each sc (total 15 sc this round)
Round 3:
  • *2 sc in first sc, sc in each of next 2 sc*
  • [repeat from *to* around (20 sc)]
Round 4:
  • *2 sc in first sc, sc in each of next 3 sc*
  • [repeat from *to* around (25 sc)]
Round 5:
  • *2 sc in first sc, sc in each of next 4 sc*
  • [repeat from *to* around (30 sc)]
Round 6:
  • *2 sc in first sc, sc in each of next 5 sc*
  • [repeat from *to* around (35 sc)]
Round 7:
  • *2 sc in first sc, sc in each of next 6 sc*
  • [repeat from *to* around (40 sc)]
Round 8:
  • *2 sc in first sc, sc in each of next 7 sc*
  • [repeat from *to* around (45 sc)]
  • sl st into next sc
  • turn
  • *Tr (triple/treble crochet) in 1st sc, then sl st in next*
  • (repeat from *to* around)
  • finish off
I made up this pattern and I claim the copyright on it. You may use it for making items to sell but no online sales. Do not sell pattern. Do not post anywhere online but you are welcome to post a link to it. Copyright by Sharon Gardner 2010.

26 November 2010

Here's a Glimpse at Our Thanksgiving

We have a small family. Just dh, mil, the 2 grown sons (one married) and me. The 2 sons and our dil worked on Thanksgiving--they work retail jobs. So with it just being dh, his mom and me, mil decided we should go to Churchill Downs for the buffet and races.

The temperatures were chilly yesterday but not as cold as we had been anticipating. I felt so sorry for the poor horses running in mud and ankle-deep water on the track. They were supposed to race in the turf but because of the track conditions they ran in the mud or as they say at the track "sloppy track."

Here's some pictures. Sorry that the quality isn't too great but it was a rainy, dreary day.

A row of these jockies greeted visitors

We dined at a nice buffet on Millionaire Row 

DH at our table (in the striped sweater). We were seated at a table with people we didn't know when we first got there. That seemed strange to me but we chatted during the day and they were nice people.

Time to place your bets! 

Getting a little libation! 

And here's the gang: Philip, Ray, Me and MIL standing

Horribly wet track! 

Hoof-pocked track. 

Told DH that we needed to bet on this horse because he worked in the ship's engine room when he was in the navy. He told me I couldn't bet on it because he was going to and lo and behold Engine Room won!

It was a nice time at the track but I don't think I'd like to do this again on a holiday. Maybe I'll sweet-talk DH into a nice dinner at a restaurant and then home for some pie later on. It seemed kind of "cheesy" to be gambling on horses on a holiday. Sorry, folks from Kentucky--I'm just a darned yankee unwillingly transplanted here lol! 

"Decorating" Blog for the Holidays

I'm in the process of decorating here for Christmas. I have Christmas carols playing and hope to have a Christmasy background and header soon. The music is on auto as a result of readers response to the question I asked if it should be in auto or manual mode. Only 1 person responded and so you will hear music when you stop in. If you don't care to hear music, then scroll down the column on your right and you will be able to turn off the player. 

WIP for My Grand "Fur" Babies

My son Justin asked me to crochet a fitted cover for the kennel/crate/thingamajig that his 2 Cocker Spaniel kids sleep in. This is taking me a while. I don't know why but maybe because I'm sneaking in little projects to work on and maybe because I'm concerned that after all the time and yarn going into it I might GOOF it up! Anyway, I'm making it out of double strands of ww yarn. 1 strand is black and the other is magic ball. For those of you unaware of what "magic ball" yarn is, it is "left-overs" rolled up into a ball. This helps to minimize waste and also makes a unique, one of a kind item. Here's some of the wip pictures I took the other day.

The panels are just sc. I'm then crocheting around them (with dc) to make them "fit" the sides. Actually, I'm making them about 2" larger than the sides so that it will easily go on the crate after I finish sewing the panels together.  The panel on the door side, I will just sew at the top and have that side as a flap that can be tucked under the top if it needs to be gotten out of the way. The piece on the bottom, inside of the crate is a throw that my chis have used for several years. I just tossed it in the kennel when my son brought it over because the Cocker Kids were distraught about their kennel being temporarily relocated.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thanks for stopping in. Hugs...

Search Amazon.com for kennel cover

23 November 2010

Coasters and Dishcloth

I finished this dishcloth some time ago but never posted a picture of it. It's just a granny square with a shell edging. I'm going to have to compare this kind with one made with a smaller hook and decide which is better.

I finished up this set of coasters this morning too. I just "winged" 'em. These are in my gift drawer anticipating being given to I'm not sure who. I make small things like these and put them in the drawer with several recipients in mind and at the last minute decide who is getting what. I'm kind of silly that way lol! Thanks for stopping in and visiting. Hugs...

ps-- After Thanksgiving I will be putting a music player on this blog with Christmas carols on it. Should I have it operate manually or start automatically when someone visits my blog? My current music player operates manually. Let me know what you think and the majority wins. Thanks, Sharon

22 November 2010

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern 22 Nov. 2010

Here is a cute pattern for potholders that might be a quick, project for a Christmas gift. Don't we all end up needing a last minute gift for someone? Seems like there is always someone I want to get a last-minute gift for. Haven't tried this pattern yet but if you have, let me know about your experiences with it! I just might need to make one of those last minute gifts I was talking about :). Hugs to all...

21 November 2010

Hobby Lobby 40% Off Coupon Good thru 27 November!

Here's a coupon from Hobby Lobby. It is for 40% off online and in-store purchases. Check it out here!

Away From the Controversial and Back to Crochet Stuff:

Today's post is back to the comfortable subject of crochet. My mil was a kind and generous lady yesterday and brought me some crochet goodies from a thrift-type store. She found a bunch of granny squares that someone had started making. The squares came with extra yarn and 2 hooks--one still in the package. I feel pretty excited that she found these goodies for me because yarn and crochet items are very hard to find around here at thrift stores. Thank you Hannelore!!! Anyway, I have a gazillion things in the works and NOTHING is getting done! I have to get my act together because Christmas is on the way pretty darn quick. I start crocheting something then I see something else I want to make and I start new projects without finishing old. OK, here's the plan: Finish the super-sized granny square throw and make a few pairs of slippers; dishcloths are ok to work on but only as a "purse project" when I'm stuck waiting somewhere. That's the plan and I'm sticking to it (maybe).

I almost forgot--I have to finish the crate cover for my son and daughter-in-law's 2 fur babies! I'm just out of crochet-control!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend...

19 November 2010

Fashion and Youth...

Last year, many of the kids at the schools I subbed at were sagging their pants. I think it looks tacky but that's not the reason I am against this style. After all, I don't have to like the various styles of clothing out there but then again I go for clothing that is mix and matchable and stays in style for years like old fashioned straight legged jeans. I don't like sagging because it is in some cases indecent to see someone's behind, underwear or shorts above their britches. My main objection to this style is the safety factor. One day I had a sub job as a P.E. (don't giggle over this) teacher and a kid's pants fell and he tripped on them as they wrapped around his ankles while he was shooting hoops. Luckily, he was able to get back on his feet after this incidence but he could have broken a leg or something in the name of fashion.

This year, there is a new trend and it is to wear skin-tight jeans that I've heard called jeggings and also skinny jeans. Sometimes these jeans are so tight that I wonder if the kids wearing them are having problems breathing.

Or maybe these kids are just using:

Now there are a few kids out there wearing what I call a "hybrid style" jeans. They sag a pair of skinny jeans!

Sagging jeans have become controversial. For a while, rumors were flying that sagging jeans were a prison thing signaling sexual availability. Not so according to Snopes. Many cities and counties have enacted laws making sagging jeans illegal. Some have been challenged and cancelled out but some are still on the books. Go to Google or another search engine and type in "sagging pants laws" and see the huge amount of links to go to and read about this issue.

So, what do you think? Are sagging jeans attractive on young men and women or are they tacky or perhaps indecent?

18 November 2010

Free Crochet Pattern 18 Nov. 2010

The following pattern is in the open-domain and is available for use without copyright restrictions. The foundation is knitted but I think some clever crocheter could come up with a way to use the more common chain foundation. :) Enjoy folks...

Wristers or Pulse-Warmers

Wristers or Pulse-WarmersWristers or Pulse-Warmers
Wristers or pulse-warmers, are very comfortable on a cold day, and those described particularly so, as they fill the sleeve and completely exclude the wind. Using knitting-worsted, or yarn of any desired size or quality with needles to correspond, such as would be employed for a man's knitted sock, cast 18 to 22 stitches on each of 3 needles, and knit 2, purl 2, alternately, for 35 rows or more, according to length required. Bind off loosely.
With bone crochet-hook work in straight rows from top to bottom, putting a treble in every other stitch and 2 chain-stitches between trebles; after the last treble at the edge chain 2, miss a row and return on the next.
Having completed the rows of spaces, make 2 trebles in 1st space, 3 in next, and repeat, working back and forth until all the spaces are filled. A very attractive finish is to work a row of doubles in color, making a double in each treble. With fine wool, crochet-silk may be prettily used for this finish.
A fringed wrister may be made on the foundation described by holding a pencil on lengthwise with the left hand, and with the right sewing over and over it; make the rows quite close together, cut the wound yarn open with a pair of sharp scissors, and brush lightly across it, back and forth, until the cut ends become "mossy" or fluffed up.

Whoo Hoo--I Won a Give-Away!

I won a beautiful cross-stitched Christmas picture. It is so pretty. It was done by Paula of Crochet & Cross Stitch Pattern Slut. Go on over and take a peek at her blog it's great. Thank you Paula!

And We Were Off to the Veterinarian's Clinic Again

My 2 chis, Opi and Nellie Belle have problems with allergies. Nellie was scratching quite a bit and Opi was too but he really tore his skin up. The vet checked for fleas because that's a common cause for skin allergies but neither of them have fleas. Both little ones ended up getting steroid shots and Opi is on antibiotics too. Here's a picture of them ready to go to the vet's.

Don't they look like they're saying, "Please don't take us for shots Mommy. We'll be good"?

16 November 2010

WIP Wednesday 17 Nov. 2010


This week I'm showing off a throw that I'm making out of a single, super-sized granny square. I love how easy these workup. I'm using Caron off-white (a "staple" yarn in my stash) and a ILTY variegated color from Hobby Lobby.

Birthday Greetings...

If my mom, JoAnn Jungles French, would still be with us, today would have been her 74th birthday. She passed at the age of 33 from a stroke. She is still missed by my brother and me. Angel food cake is being served :). Love you mom...

mom in wedding finery

15 November 2010

Hobby Lobby 40% Off Coupon Good thru 20 November!

In-Store Coupon : Weekly In-Store Specials : Hobby Lobby - Hobby Lobby

Locating Historical Information About US Navy Ships:

USS Ajax AR-6

I was just being nosy and checked out a ship an old acquaintance of mine had been stationed on during Operation Eagle Pull and Operation Frequent Wind. Sometimes this old friend likes to make it sound like he was a Vietnam war hero but to tell you the truth, I have my doubts as to if he'd even left the ship since he was in engineering and they don't go cold iron (turn the ship "off") when there's a chance it might need to make a quick get away--at least that's the way it was with the old steam powered ships like this one. This means no liberty. This ship made a stop off the coast of Vietnam to help in the evacuations. Anyway, the ship's history is pretty well documented in Wikipedia. My old ship, the USS Ajax, is also listed in wikipedia so if you are interested in any other navy ships you may check there for any information.

We need to honor our vets and it is a shame that some vets exaggerate their experiences. No offense intended, after all, I'm a vet.

More information about US Navy ships can be found at:

More information on the evacuation in Vietnam:
Many ships have online webpages and shipmates organizations that you can visit for more information.

A Never Ending Crochet Project...

My son Justin asked me to make a cover for the large crate his 2 cocker spaniels sleep in. I've finished the basic panels--still have to crochet around them in black to "fit" them to the crate. I've used almost 3 pounds of black yarn so far! I'm crocheting with one strand of black and one strand of magic ball yarn. It's a big project and it burns me out sometimes but I WILL finish this, my granddogs are counting on me lol! Here's the panels so far:

Here's my son with his "kids" I am making the crate cover for:

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern 15 Nov. 2010

Walking into a local discount store is a big reminder that Christmas is coming up when I see all the decorations. It reminds me that it's time to get my hook moving and get ready for the big day! Here is a cute little Christmas stocking to crochet and then hang up for Santa to load with goodies for someone special. Hope y'all had a good weekend.